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Dropbox Reveals Their New Visual Brand Identity – And It’s Bright

One of the best known file storage companies, Dropbox rebrands its visual identity and shows some stylish elements to its users.

With their revamped logo, new typeface and illustrations, as well as, a new website, Dropbox announced its new branding themes last week.

The 10-year old brand decided to choose Sharp Grotesk as their new typeface, and expressed that the font family offered versatility they wanted and allowed them to “speak” in various tones. They used graphite and colour in the abstract illustrations, bringing the creative process to life.

For the logo as you can see below, they got a little – just a little inspired by the legend, Andy Warhol and coloured within-contrast the “open boxes” in as many different colours as possible. As they made the new brand direction visible on their website, you can see the endless colour-pairing options.

Rather than their usual blue, white, and black colours, the new brand includes millennial pink, lavender violet, mint, forest green, and mustard yellow. These colors are always paired in a successful harmony as their Creative Director, Aaron Robbs, stated in their announcement above.

He also commented,

We wanted a system that would allow us to experiment, elevate over time, and interpret it through our lens. We had a big appetite for allowing us to work with this system over years and years, rather than have something we’d have to enforce like brand police.

The illustrations have been created in collaboration with the London animation studio, Animade, who created the hand-drawn illustrations, as well as, the animated vignettes, and they’ll be both in desktop and mobile.








The new fun-styled theme tells us about the company’s future vision because besides their storage identity, they now have a real identity – which is really cool.

Similar to the case of Wetransfer, we predict that Dropbox’s brand awareness will also rise after these new joy-integrated ideas have been implemented. Well done!

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