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DPDK & PURE Genetic Lifestyle Give DNA Insights

Creative agency DPDK and PURE Genetic Lifestyle give consumers an exclusive insight into their personal DNA data.

DPDK succeeded in translating scientific data into a personal and customized online environment where consumers can find this information in a comprehensible way.

In collaboration with an advanced laboratory, PURE Genetic Lifestyle, DPDK gives scientific insights on which genes influence your health by analyzing personal DNA data.

Based on test results consumers will get personal advice on how to improve their lifestyle. Consumers have a choice between a genetic nutrition analysis and a genetic health analysis.

Together these analyses provide scientifically based health advice in the areas of nutrition, exercise, medication and nutritional supplements. This advice is unique to every consumer.


Maarten van Dijk, Founder of PURE Genetic Lifestyle, adds,

Our DNA are the building blocks of our body. With the help of new innovative technologies it is possible to optimize your lifestyle based on your genes. DPDK helped us to enable consumers to discover themselves how they can change their lifestyle.

Until now the interpretation of complicated raw DNA data could only be done by scientists. DPDK was tasked to translate the abstract DNA data into a user friendly, personal digital platform and a hardcopy information package.

The results of the DNA analysis are made comprehensible with the use of clear visualizations, animations and supporting text.

In addition to a hardcopy package, which serves as a summary, consumers can find in-depth information and extensive tables with genetic values in their personal online MyPURE environment.

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Pim van Helten, CEO of DPDK, adds,

What can you do with all the health data from wearables, fitness gear and other smart sensors when you have no reference to calibrate your data with? We realized that PURE Genetic Lifestyle provides access to the most personal data 24/7. Together we offer help in the world of big data that we are surrounded with.

The digital environment includes a product site, a webshop and a MyPure environment which will expand into a personal app in the future.

Via different digital channels, the consumer always will have access to personal advice and suggestions to improve their lifestyle.

DPDK is responsible for the complete creative strategy, branding, UX design and the development of the digital platform.

Check out the platform here: puregeneticlifestyle.com

dpdk pure genetic

About DPDK

DPDK is a creative full service agency that has a strong focus on digital interactions. dpdk is responsible for the creation, strategy, technology and production of interactive experiences and creative digital platforms. Their clients include as Peugeot, Grolsch, Ikea and many more. They have also been received various awards and accolades at numerous events like FWA’s, Dutch Interactive Awards and Spin Awards.

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