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Dove Partners With Cartoon Network For Its Self-Esteem Project

Dove has just announced a two-year global partnership with the Cartoon Network series “Steven Universe” to educate young people on body confidence as part of its Self-Esteem Project.

With its unique Self-Esteem Project, Dove has been encouraging young people to build self-esteem and body confidence through educational programmes since 2004.

The project currently exists in 140 countries around the world. It’s planned to reach 40 million young people by 2020. Partnering Cartoon Network and its well known “Steven Universe”, the project promises to reach 20 million more.

The initial reason behind Self-Esteem is the knowledge that over half of girls do not have high body confidence. This usually causes them to spend less time with their friends and families, put their health at risk and so on.

Thus, the content planned to be used in animated films will be carefully selected by grounding in scientific evidence by body image expert, Dr. Philliopa Diedrichs from the University of the West of England.


Steven’s Universe is the first animated series on Cartoon Network to be created by a woman. Rebecca Sugar, the creator, said:

This is an issue I have struggled with personally and I hope this will be a chance to amplify positive messages about self-awareness and acceptance.

There will be six short animated films directed by Rebecca Sugar, as part of the partnership.

Here you can watch the first one:

Sophie Galvani, Dove global vice president said:

We are passionate about evolving the types of messages the next generation are receiving through media. Which is why we are working side by side with partners to take the programme to the next level. We are introducing new tools to enable us to reach even more young people with content that not only educates but also entertains

According to the press release, an original song featuring the cast of the show, an accompanying music video, and an educational eBook will also be released. This will add to the Dove Self-Esteem Project’s commitment to create a media landscape for young people that is inclusive by acknowledging every person’s uniqueness and representing true diverseness by the end of this year.

Using mainstream entertainment for the first time for its Self-Esteem Project, Dove has just brought another meaningful campaign to online platform.

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