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Domino’s UK Released New Packaging Design For Pizza Delivery Boxes

New pizza delivery boxes are domino-shaped and they come in blue and red – to match Domino’s name and logo.

New packaging for Domino’s UK was created by agency Jones Knowles Ritchie. While researching the brand, they discovered that 96% of all Domino’s pizzas sold in the U.K. are sold as a pair, because of numerous “two for one” and combo deals.

The agency redesigned the packaging by transforming the logo into blue and red boxes that should be delivered as a pair.

Jones Knowles Ritchie explains on their website:

We wanted to celebrate Domino’s distinctive and unique brand character by making it bold, simple and charismatic. We started by removing all the generic category communication from the boxes, focusing only on what Domino’s owned: its once iconic red and blue domino logo.

Knowing that 96% of all Domino’s pizzas are sold in pairs, we decided to make the brand’s logo pivotal to the design with one red box, one blue box. The result was bold, brave and simple packaging design. An open invitation for sharing and play.


All unnecessary information has been removed from the boxes, leaving only product information on the side of each box, detailing the quality of the pizza ingredients.

Boxes are 100% recyclable and are made with the usage of high quality ink to be sure heat from the pizzas won’t affect the design or the box.

Sean Thomas, Creative Director at Jones Knowles Ritchie said:

Our creative goal was to reinforce the brand’s distinctiveness and make people feel proud about choosing Domino’s over a competitor pizza. The Domino’s logo is both charismatic and memorable, and we saw the perfect opportunity to translate this directly to the pack and make it a tangible expression of people coming together over pizza. The design makes an instant impact on the doorstep and means that consumers aren’t just ordering a pizza, they are ordering a Domino’s.

Perfect example of a redesign that increases consumer engagement and makes significant impact on customers.

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