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Diumbo – Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be!

A new era is dawning on the technology horizon, an era where communicating will achieve the ultimate goal: interacting with complete strangers in the smoothest way possible and without embarrassment.

Diumbo, an app for communication with people in immediate proximity, has been chosen for being presented at Web Summit in Dublin, a global gathering of the highest potential and most disruptive leading startups from around the world.

That’s the first step to bring this amazing communication tool to live. Diumbo should be available for download soon.

So why is this new app so catchy?

Communication is crucial nowadays, but it’s not necessarily linked to people outside of personal sphere; it seems that relating to strangers has now become more and more of a challenge, since people appear to have their noses and fingers stuck to their smartphone while on the train, at the bus-stop, waiting in queue at the till of a supermarket, at a bar while sipping a drink, etc.

All these situations make it hard for someone that wants to interact with people around them. That’s when Diumbo jumps in and helps out. Fight technology-related problems with technology.

How does it work?

You just access and Diumbo will immediately pick up on any other users nearby. If you want to strike up a conversation with them or want to know more about them, you can start with a simple “like” which they will then receive and then the rest is up to you and the user.

diumbo app mobile

It’s quite ingenious if you think that you could log into Diumbo wherever you are and it will list the people around you: you could try it at a work conference, for example, and find out who the speaker is or who the other people are.

You could use it while having fun with your friends at a bar; simply log in and maybe sneak a peek at the profile of the guy who’s been stealing glances at you all evening. See? Smooth interacting without the embarrassment of actually talking to someone, to be then turned down.

Diumbo is also a great way to control your business, by using it to check who is around you. It could give an idea of how many returning customers or clients there are or who are the new people that just walked in through the office doors.

Diumbo gives you the possibility to check other people information in a discreet way and also to interact with said people.

diumbo app for mobile

The graphic is pretty simple, with an elephant logo and violet colour palette representing one of the world’s most sociable animals, ready to interact with its fellow beings and a colour scheme that triggers imagination and spirituality, both of which are key in society.

The interface of the app is also very user-friendly and intuitive.

One of the most innovative features of Diumbo is that it doesn’t use internet to work. You will need Wi-Fi coverage, but you will not have to necessarily be connected to it.

GPS is not used in this app, but complex algorithm and Wi-Fi hotspots that allow you to tap in wherever you are and connecting to people that are close by and not a mile away, as a GPS app would.

Diumbo doesn’t retain any of your information, unlike many popular apps, and without GPS usage, your privacy is protected and you can interact with who you want, when and where. Another privacy bonus is that, if you want, you can “hide” yourself virtually from other people using the app.

All in all, Diumbo could be the next step forward in networking on a larger scale: a closer outside sphere, where interacting is no longer something you do out of necessity, but a fun way to make the world your friend.

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