Dior’s Frame-Maker Expands Into Mind-Reading Smart Glasses

The Italian eyewear company, Safilo Group debuted a set of Internet-connected spectacles at the Consumer Electronics Show.

To create the first-ever brain sensing eyewear technology, Safilo Group has partnered with Toronto-based technology company, InteraXon. The product will mainly measure brainwaves and send the data to an app installed on a smartphone or tablet. It will have five sensors embedded behind the ears and on the nose bridge. The idea is to let people assess their moods, helping them relax and meditate.

A notable portfolio of luxury clients such as Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, and Hugo Boss, Safilo is planning to combine their iconic style with Interaxon’s technology together to develop wearable and functional smartglasses.

Of course, the real charming point will be that Safilo specs won’t make the customer look like a tech-addict. The smartglasses will look like an ordinary eyewear and will be Smith-branded -another brand under Safilo Group- and will be called SafiloX.

Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo Group, said,

It is neither another example of technology mounted on frames, nor technology for its own sake. With SafiloX our Group leverages its legendary Passion for Product and People for a wearable eyewear proposition of unparalleled fit and comfort, aspirational design and style, and compelling consumer relevance.

Positioning as the third largest frame maker in the world, Safilo’s smartglasses are slated for release in Summer 2017 in the United States.

After Google Glass and Spectacles of Snapchat, we wonder how Safilo will position itself in the business.