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Digital 2016 Report Reveals New Year Statistics

We Are Social launched a report “Digital 2016” on digital, social and mobile usage trends and statistics from around the world.

Digital marketing agency, We Are Social, released a global report of digital statistics. “Digital 2016” in a presentation comprising of 537 pages of information about the latest prevalent trends in the world of mobile, digital and social.

The report reveals that 3419 billion people across the globe are connecting to the internet while, 2307 billion users are actively involved in social media. It also unveils that an astounding number of 3790 billion people are unique mobile users, whereas 1968 billion users are utilizing social media on mobile.

These astonishing figures show that mobile usage has skyrocketed, and that a significant portion of social media users are using mobile devices to access their accounts. Compared to the previous year, mobile social media users have increased by 17%.

The following presentation reveals all the global digital statistics (including individual country data):

Some highlights from the presentation include the following:

1. Internet Consumption

We see that mobile’s share of global web traffic continues to grow with Statcounter reporting that mobile phones now account for 39% of all web pages served to web browsers. While we see an overall drop in usage of laptop, tablets and other devices.

Internet Consumption

2. Social Media Usage

About one-third of the world’s population is now active on social media, with number of users reported increasing by 10% in the past year.

Social Media Usage

3. Mobile Social Media Use

85% of Facebook’s audience now connects via mobile phones which rose from 69% in the past nine months showing a significant change. Globally, just about half of all Facebook users are ‘mobile only’, so they never use a computer to access the platform.

Mobile Social Media Use

You can download the entire report here.

One of the most important current and upcoming trends point us towards mobile usage. Keeping in mind the evidence, 2016 is sure to be a year with an increasing number of mobile social media users. Which in can turn can help marketers understand that mobile marketing has a lot of potential.

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