Digital Olympus Female Edition 2017

Organization:Digital Olympus

Location:Online Conference


Digital Olympus Free Online Conference will hold engaging sessions to explore different facets about Digital Marketing, from discovering the best practices to trying new tools and will give its participants the opportunity to learn best practices from the industry professionals.

Digital Olympus aims to assist digital marketers and other interested individuals and to inform, educate and transform the minds of all attendees by covering different aspects of digital marketing during the conference.

5 reasons to attend Digital Olympus Female Edition:

  • Discover best practices and timesaving tricks from 20+ digital marketing experts
  • Stay on top of all the latest marketing trends!
  • Enjoy the conference online
  • Exchange ideas with other attendees
  • Try new tools that can help you with your job. You’ll get a special “digital marketing kit” full of the best marketing tools for free!


Stephen Kenwright, Director of Search at Branded3, said;

Digital Olympus has two big advantages over a face-to-face conference: there’s a fantastic variety of speakers because the net is much wider (Europe, US and everywhere else) so there’s interaction with speakers you don’t often get to see; and the fact that you’re dialling in means that you can pick and choose which sessions to attend without feeling lost — but I found myself sticking around for more than I’d planned to!

For more information about the conference, speakers, sponsors and how to register for the free, please visit

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