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Digital Olympus 2016

Organization:Digital Olympus

Location:Online Conference


Digital Olympus Free Online Conference will hold engaging sessions to explore different facets about Digital Marketing, from discovering the best practices to trying new tools and will give its participants the opportunity to learn best practices from the industry professionals.

Obtaining certified education via online courses has become extremely popular among digital marketers. However, not all trainings can be completed through online studies, as different practical coursework is also needed. Digital Olympus aims to assist digital marketers and other interested individuals and to inform, educate and transform the minds of all attendees by covering different aspects of digital marketing during the conference.


The conference will allow for discussion several prominent topics in the today’s digital world and will be divided into equal sessions of 30 minutes each with a speaker handling each session. The full list of speakers and their respective profiles are available at www.digitalolympus.net.

For more information about the conference, speakers, sponsors and how to register for the free online conference, please visit www.digitalolympus.net.

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