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Digital Marketing 101 & 102

Organization:Insight Exchange Network

Location:San Francisco

When:27/02/2017 – 28/02/2017

What are the specific skills and knowledge you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy? Do you have those skills and knowledge—or could you use some help?

Attend this February 27-28 in San Francisco and learn detailed and actionable tips to boost your digital marketing efforts—and your overall marketing ROI. Anyone who needs to improve their knowledge of the exact components and action items to achieve a successful digital marketing effort should attend.

Why you should attend?

• Get real-life takeaways you can implement right when you get back to the office.

• Learn exactly how SEO works—and how to maximize your Google rankings.

• Should you invest in paid search? Find out!

• Boost your campaigns through video and infographics and much more!

Here’s a sneak peak of Jennifer Evans Cario from SugarSpun Marketing, who will be speaking on two sessions – Content Marketing and Social Media:

Lori Medlen, President & CEO of Insight Exchange Network, said:

The Digital Marketing 101 & 102 conference will take place against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving industry, which will bring informative discussions and key takeaways. We look forward to convening a distinguished forum of experts to explore the digital marketing landscape.

IEN’s Digital Marketing 101&102 is brimming with practical insights to take your marketing to the next level. EN is focused on producing practical, actionable, and content-driven events.

Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or want a refresher on the very latest techniques, you’ll benefit from this event.

Starting with a session on developing your goals and KPIs, thwy’ll take you through the details of digital marketing implementation: from social media, to email, to SEO… and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity!

For more details and event tickets, click here.

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