The Digital Marketer’s Path For A Successful Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing has been all the rage for quite some time. This means that your profession is in demand and that you can make a great career. However, there are some guidelines like digital marketers roadmap will help you find your way and easily navigate through the maze of digital marketing, social media, and graphic design.

Best Tips for Having a Succesful Digital Marketing Career

Never Stop Learning

This is essential for any business, and not just for a digital marketing career. Being at the top of your game will help you land lucrative jobs and build a stellar reputation.

People who are always eager to learn new things and develop their skills can easily adapt to any situation.

This industry is extremely competitive and fast growing, so the best advice is “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”, just like Steve Jobs told seniors at Stanford University back in 2005.

You must certainly know that working as a digital marketer isn’t a 9-5 job, and instead of chilling out with your friends in the evening, you should be ready to burn the midnight oil. There are lots of online courses and trainings that you can attend in your free time. All the hard work will pay off in the end, and you’ll be able to fulfill your goals.

A Tough Decision

Maybe the most difficult decision about your digital marketing career is whether you’ll be a freelancer or you’ll work for a company. It all depends on what your expectations are.

One of the most important differences between these two options lies in the fact that you’ll have more creative freedom if you are a freelancer. You’ll be able to build your unique style and experiment while working for a company means that you’ll have to follow some established rules and guidelines in order to meet the demands of its target audience.

Creativity is particularly important for designers, and that’s why finding a graphic design studio that will encourage your artistic individuality and uniqueness is crucial.

However, each choice has its upsides and downsides. For example, you can expect a lower salary if you’re a freelancer, and you’ll have to work very hard in order to establish yourself as a skillful digital marketer.

On the other hand, working for an organization means a higher salary, but it’s very likely that all senior positions are filled thus making your opportunities for career progression very limited.

Before you should make a decision about your digital marketing career path, weigh up all the pros and cons.

Get Yourself Connected

Building your own network is of vital importance for your digital marketing career. If you want to grow and develop your skills, the best thing to do is to surround yourself with ambitious people from the industry, as ambition is extremely contagious.

It’s only natural to face some bumps in the road while you’re making a career in this field, and it’s good to know people who could help you, support you and give you some valuable advice.

Apart from that, according to LinkedIn referrals are the No. 1 way to discover a new job opportunity, which is why networking should be a prominent landmark on a digital marketer roadmap.

But where are you going to find such people? Well, first of all, Twitter and LinkedIn are hubs for digital marketers. Industry meetups and other events, such as workshops or conferences, are excellent not only for networking and getting to know people with similar interests but also for keeping up with the latest trends.

Find A Mentor

We all have role models, so it’s important to find someone that will show you the ropes and be there when you need advice. This can be your boss or a seasoned colleague that you respect, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for guidance.

People like doing favors of this kind as that’s a sign that you think highly of them, so it’s in a way an honor. Still, we all know that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, so you should be aware that you’ll have to pay them back by helping them, for example, promote their website or launch a campaign.

It’s also a good idea to take industry influencers into consideration and start following them on various social media channels because they frequently share their experiences from which you can learn a lot, not to mention that if you play your cards right you might get noticed by some of them, which could do wonders for your career.

Promote Yourself

There’s no better way to show the world what you can do than promoting your own brand. This means that your online presence should be carefully crafted and impeccable.

Make sure that all your social media channels present your work in the best light because if you perfectly maintain your own profiles on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your potential employees will be able to see your skills and experience for themselves.

Since your task will be to boost brand awareness and make a company more visible, you need to prove that you’re capable of that, and your own brand be could be your portfolio. So, if want to position yourself as an expert and stand out, your first project should be branding yourself.

It’s true that kick-starting your career in digital marketing isn’t the easiest thing, but if you follow these tips you’ll manage to find your path.

Bonus: 5 Steps To Successful Career Mapping In Digital Marketing

1. Choose Your Path for the Right Networking Options

Unsurprisingly, networking plays a massive role in the way you map your career in this industry. But the first thing to consider is exactly what kind of a working role you want in your career.

Only once you have determined this will you be able to start developing your networks in a way that promises to further your own goals.

For successful career mapping, you’re going to first have to establish which of these dynamics you prefer. From there, you can start to expand your networks and build up the kinds of contacts that can push you forward.

2. Make Sure You Know What Success Looks Like

It’s impossible to truly judge whether or not your career as a digital marketer is on the right track, without determining exactly what it is that you consider success.

This is essential, as if you are unsure of what it is you actually want from your career, you’re never going to know whether or not you’re heading in the right direction.

It can be worth your while regularly checking what digital agency job titles are available. Even if you’re not signing up for them, you’re still going to have some idea of where different career paths can lead, and will be able to find out if there’s a specific end of marketing you want to specialise in.

3. Understand the Tools at Your Command

Digital marketing has a potentially massive range of tools and if you want a solid path in your career, you’re going to need a sound understanding of them. These days, it’s not simply enough to be a master of the Microsoft suite.

If you have a good idea of the path you want your career to take, you should start investing time in ensuring that you have the correct skills. Perhaps most important in digital marketing these days is an understanding of big analytics.

Tools such as Google Analytics are essential if you want to keep track of a site, and understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

4. Keep the Short Term in Mind

While long term progress is essential, it’s also worth considering exactly how you’re going to go about making short term progress.

The fact is that if you’re not looking at things on a small as well as large scale, you’ll have no way of eventually getting to where you want to be. In many ways, it can be harder making progress on the smaller scale.

5. Excel at the Things You Enjoy

On top of learning new skills, you should also ensure that everything you are already capable of is carried out to the very highest degree. Many people find themselves plateauing after a certain point at work, when they realise that they can do an adequate job without putting in too much effort.

However, if you ensure that you are always doing the absolute best job you can, you’ve got a much better chance of being noticed, respected and promoted. It’s especially worth your while ensuring that you do the best you can in areas you’re naturally gifted at.

These are the obvious choice for investing time, as they offer a way of earning money at something you enjoy to some degree. While you’ll always have to spend a certain amount of time carrying out tasks you have limited interest in, if you can really hone your skills in areas that you enjoy, you’ll be able to eventually specialise your career in your own personal preferences.

Digital marketing is a growing industry, and is open to try new ideas and innovations. If you put in enough research and effort, there’s every chance you’ll be able to find a niche for yourself that is both personally rewarding, and comfortably lucrative. Also check our Linkedin advertising guide and Digital Marketing For Beginners in 2022 articles as further reading.

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