Digital-Inspired Art Installations From Burning Man 2018

The festival that makes everyone round the bend, then completely disappears into solitude until the next year… Yes, we’re talking about Burning Man and this year’s robotic theme.

The installation lovers are undoubtedly fulfilled with this year’s Burning Man’s work of art. As a manifestation of the Isaac Asimov’s famous novel I, Robot theme, festival’s experience will offer an exploration of humankind’s conflicting feelings about algorithmic intelligence, cybernetic augmentation, and the mystery of what’s it to be human in an increasingly automated world, according to Darryl Van Rhey.


Debuted in 1950, I, Robot is a compilation of short sci-fi stories by Asimov. It is perhaps most famous for the essential laws that are trying to emphasize every robot’s hi-tech state of mind.

2018’s festival refers to the passing machine age that all disappoints our hopes and about artificial life. Moreover, murals and panels seem to be ancient yet modern in aspect and will seek the progression of our long-standing fascination with robots of the post-work future.

the-burning-man-orbThe ORB


love-and-unity-burning-manLove and Unity




2018 Man’s art-theme focuses on the many aspects of AI that is already in our lives; from the humble algorithm and its functions that screens and sorts us to automated forms of labor that overshadows. It is no wonder why that artificial intelligence starts to look all-powerful and inevitable.


With this, if we turn the scope around and regard the capacity of robots to process information via unlimited databases, it becomes imaginable to dream a self-oriented world in which most of our friends or even their friends will be robots. Who knows, it already seems to be in this direction as the future arrives.

Today is the last day of the festival at Black Rock City, the most-eccentric details came alive and one of them  is the installation called The Blanket that is inspired by NASA. All the media and the artworks fitted the I, Robot theme and made a truly immersive experience again.

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