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Digital Ad Innovation Summit 2016

Organization:Innovation Enterprise



When:17/11/2016 – 18/11/2016

The Digital Ad Innovation Summit will give all attendees the insight they need on the real change within their companies. From omni-channel advertising to real-time bidding, the summit will explore all areas of digital advertising and will focus on the opportunities presented by exciting new technology and ever-increasing connectivity.

Across the event, speakers from leading digital companies like Forbes, Twitter, Condé Nast, Vimeo, Clipboard, Pinterest, Bleacher Report and many others, will share how their companies are handling the challenges and opportunities presented by digital advertising today.

Additionally, attendees will be given the opportunity to meet with other executive-level delegates, to share ideas and to discuss problems and opportunities, potentially forging the next great business partnership for their company.


Innovation Enterprise Ltd, a division of Argyle Executive Forum, is a business-to-business media brand specializing on delivering the most innovative business solutions to executive-level decision makers.

Innovation Enterprise produces a range of online and offline content, including, but not limited to, summits, online learning, webinars, and white papers, as well as offering other additional services such as lead generation and bespoke research.

Innovation Enterprise focuses on seven key channels – Finance, Supply Chain, Analytics, Big Data, Strategy, Digital, Innovation & Sports – to ensure that organizations are furnished with all the cutting-edge insights necessary to driving growth in the evolving business environment.

DAN Global is one of the Media Partners of Digital Ad Innovation Summit 2016. DAN member agencies and readers will get a 20% discount for two day passes.
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For more details and event tickets: www.theinnovationenterprise.com

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