Design Trends on Social Media That Will Dominate 2020

Design was once defined as ‘Intelligence Made Visible’. Good design raises visibility, helping your communication stand out as well win the audience’s love and trust.

A great design suited to the brand does volumes to speak of the company and its offerings’ quality and positioning. The following are some of the design trends in the social media sphere to watch out for in the upcoming year, 2020. 

Muted Colours

Muted colours shall rule the roost in the year, 2020, with designers straying from vivid and bold colours to more sedate ones, desaturated with complimentary colours or a black and white template. 


Colour Gradients

Gradients shall hold prominence this year. And will find unique applications, through colour filters, depth and texture. 

Abstract Illustrations

Imaginative and abstract illustrations shall hold precedence in the New Year. Simple illustrations shall no longer, hold  the kind of pre-dominance that they once did, when they were thought to be attractive and endearing.

Heavy Font

Heavy fonts shall be in vogue all this year, juxtaposed against backgrounds that are pale and are of sedate colour. 


Flowing Lines and Shapes

Flowing lines and shapes used with heavy fonts, are slated to be a new trend, this year. These shapes give a natural, flowing effect to the overall design. 

Simple Landing Pages

Landing pages with minimalist designs, are thought to achieve swifter load time and compatibility, helping pages score better spots in search rankings. 

Unique Animations

This year, is slated to be the year of unique animations. Ones that are more eye-catching and attractive than standard gifs. 


Neutral Stock Photos

Neutral stock photos, shall create a new narrative in design, this year. The year, 2020, shall be one of muted landscapes and not very brightly coloured portraits.

Isometric Design

Isometric designs  are being approached from a view-point of illustrations, graphics, and general layouts, giving the visual a 3-D feel. 

Trend of Serif Typography

The trend of Serif Typography, has returned to become a prominent fad in graphic design, reaffirming its place in the world of design. 

Subtle Motion

Micro interactions have begun to gain prominence again in the world of web-design, with their ability to create a sense of endearment and enchantment with the audience.

Augmented Reality

Last but not the least, is the trend of Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality has gained supremacy and precedence, in the realm of the mobile, developing a foothold in the consumer market, slated to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. 

The above design trends on social media will help you to boost your social media profile in 2020. You always need to follow the latest technological improvements to be successful in this crowded and competitive sphere, although the importance of creativity will never be over.

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