David Ohandjanian, Director and Founder of ADAO Conducted a Podcast About Digital Marketing

David Ohandjanian, director and founder of ADAO agency has just conducted a podcast and answered some intriguing questions about digital marketing and his career.

Inspiring and strengthening the business community in and around Coventry and Warwickshire, Daniel Martin hosts the Inside Coventry And Warwickshire podcast. Martin shares stories from the region’s most successful business owners, experienced professionals and thought-provoking entrepreneurs to bring you vital knowledge and advice from the area’s best business brains.


Featuring David Ohandjanian, director and founder of Rugby-based web agency ADAO, the latest episode of this business podcast digs deep into the history of David’s career; from starting work in his parents’ restaurant as a youngster to his adventurous relocation to Barcelona after university to building his own UK-based business ADAO from scratch and working hard to establish a talented team of industry thought-leaders along the way.

Celebrating ADAO’s 10th anniversary this year, Ohandjanian shares his knowledge of supporting local businesses through digital development, website design and online marketing, and the partnerships created on the journey from small business to the mighty agency.

In this episode, Ohandjanian answers intriguing questions such as:

  • How do you build the best team for your business?
  • How do you overcome imposter syndrome and start your own business, even during COVID-19 (or as David calls it, “the dreaded ‘Rona”)?
  • How do you overcome challenges and hurdles thrown your way – anything from managing a team working from home to challenging client calls?
  • And most of all… How well does David manage an Irish accent?

Stay tuned until the end to hear David’s top three tips on digital marketing and web design to boost your own business online, plus more details on a very special offer from ADAO!

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About ADAO

ADAO is a creative digital agency based in the heart of the Midlands providing a range of design, web and digital marketing services to their valued clients.