CSI Media Designed and Developed a New Custom System for Nexus

CSI Media designed and develop a new customs system for Nexus National Security Network (Nexus) which is a security company.


Nexus National Security Network (Nexus) is a security company with over 10 years of experience in delivering outsourced security services for businesses across the UK. Nexus manage all forms of security including mobile patrols, property inspections, static guarding, and keyholding via a chain of accredited local security companies, the ‘Network Partners’.

The Challenge

Nexus approached them to design and develop a new customs system comprising of ‘Link’, a web portal solution central to Nexus’ operations, and an accompanying mobile app.

The aim was to develop a system to facilitate Nexus’ processes and support key functions for all stakeholders: – Nexus’ operations team, Nexus’ clients, and the Network Partners. Whilst their existing platform was fairly robust, the new system needed to deliver improved functionality, usability, and performance.


CSI Media was also commissioned to design a new brochure website for Nexus to market its services and the new platform.

The new enterprise-level solution would represent a significant investment in Nexus’ digital infrastructure.

Planning, Discovery & Design

Given the scope of the project, CSI Media carried out discovery sessions with the team at Nexus to understand their processes and gather their specific requirements. Their team then proceeded to a Technical Specification where we planned the system architecture and implementation approach.

The platform is complex, incorporating multiple functions, components, and dependencies. Therefore, they started the design phase by creating wireframes to plan the UI. CSI Media then moved to conceptual design where they collaborated with Nexus to create a clean, minimalistic UI with a focus on intuitive user interaction to support the busy, diverse group of end-users.

Attention was given to the finer details including hovers and icons to enhance the UX, whilst a color scheme combining white with greys and gradients of blue reflected Nexus’ visual identity.

The Portal – ‘Link’

As specialists in web portal development, CSI Media developed a fully customized solution designed to support Nexus’ entire business operations. Built on .Net Core, ‘Link’ incorporates an expansive set of features including interactive dashboards, advanced reporting, and location tracking, enabling each stakeholder to perform role-specific tasks that facilitate the management of security activities for thousands of sites across the UK.

Specifically, Nexus’ operations team can add new sites and create activities for security officers to complete, for example, patrol the site and lock the building, with accompanying instructions and notes.

Questions can be created for security personnel to answer via the integrated app, for example, do you have the keys, with the ability to add dynamic logic – if a security guard were to answer yes, they may be asked for supporting evidence; please take a photo of the keys. If they answer no, the system will raise an ‘issue’, and they may be asked where did you last see the keys. Nexus’ operations team is notified of live issues to investigate as and when they happen.


Client management, commercials, and contracts are also administered via Link.

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Link provides Nexus’ clients with visibility of their sites and security activities. They can view activity reports with completed assignments, questionnaires, and photographic evidence of completed activities. As a white-label solution, Link can be styled to align with the client’s visual identity for a fully branded experience.

The App

The new app supports security officers in performing their day-to-day security roles, almost like a job management tool. Developed for Android and iOS devices, the app is where security personnel view assigned activities for each site, for example, a site patrol at 19:00 followed by an alarm check at 20:00.

The app tracks security officers’ location en-route to the site via geolocation tech, so Nexus can see where security personnel are located for ETAs and safety purposes. When onsite, security personnel record completed tasks and upload supporting evidence via the app; this data is fed back to Link via a .Net Core API for live tracking and reporting, representing a fully integrated, seamless solution.


New Brochure Website

The final part of the project was a custom-designed brochure website. The website is a standalone solution built with Umbraco, a CMS which gives Nexus the flexibility to create engaging marketing pages to promote their security services and the Link platform.

Marc Stanton, Managing Director – Nexus Security said:

Following a rigorous process, Nexus selected CSI Media to become our technology partner and develop a new operating platform for our rapidly growing business. CSI has delivered a best-in-class system revered by our customers and Network Partners alike.

About CSI Media

CSI Media is a software development company with 23 years of experience in designing custom solutions that meet challenging project briefs.