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Crowdform Have Won A Sabre Award!

Winning awards is fun. Winning one at another industry’s award show is even better.

Crowdform win a Sabre Award for digital design, one of the PR industry’s highest accolades!

The Sabre Awards recognise outstanding work in the world of PR, covering everything from major campaigns to the year’s best agency websites. Crowdform cleaned up in the latter category for their portfolio-cum-publishing site built for BTP Advisers.

BTP are a political PR agency, working on elections and politics crises around the world.

They were faced with an ambitious challenge: build BTP the best PR portfolio on the web, and create a platform where they can share their unique perspective on global politics. Their aim was to position BTP as a thought-leader in the industry, and were asked to come up with an innovative, tech-driven solution.

Their response was “Insights”, a publishing platform within the site for articles and podcasts produced by BTP and their collaborators. Crowdform wanted their stories to feel as impactful as possible, so their starting point was the idea that every article should feel like a longform feature. The result is a reading experience that is designed to feel as weighty as a big online editorial piece.

The primary design goal was to communicate the forward-thinking, global approach taken by BTP, and to emphasise the information edge they have over their competitors. Crowdform developed a restrained, statement-led design toolkit, and pulled in some novel UX elements like autoloading a new article, contextual page transitions, podcast waveforms and, importantly, some clocks in the footer.

It’s some of their best work, and they share their Certificate of Excellence with the talented creative teams at BTP and Samuel Muir Studio.

Check out the award winning BTP Advisers website.

About Crowdform

Crowdform create websites, technology and innovative marketing strategies to help brands excel in digital culture. From digital products to online campaigns, they harness technology and design to produce work that demands engagement.

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