Crowdform Collaborates With The Coworking Platform AndCo And Supports The Product’s Marketing Features

The world of co-working is changing. An increasing number of workers are going freelance as part of the so-called gig economy, while others are choosing to work remotely with no need for a conventional office.

These trends have fuelled the rise of coworking spaces, which offer flexible contracts and fashionable offices in prime locations.

At the same time, cities are full of amazing bars, pubs and restaurants that are unused for the majority of the working week. With the help of Crowdform, AndCo joins the dots, turning venues into flexible coworking spaces available to anyone via an app for a fixed monthly access fee. The agency revamps the services including Web App, Mobile App, UX Design, Strategy, Marketing, Branding and Data Analytics.



Taking a coworking startup from idea to market

When their founders pitched their vision, Crowdform decided the best approach would be to immerse themselves in the project as their own. The agency worked closely with their management team and started by creating and testing different prototypes, pricing models and branding; iterating and improving their joint assumptions through hands-on testing sessions. With this knowledge under the belt they agreed a development roadmap and got down to the nitty gritty – building the product.


Over five months Crowdform built the core platform, allowing venues to list their space and users to book desks. The agency launched and continued to build out the system, implementing early feedback and client enhancements into the beta. When the full platform was ready to go they went public with the web and iOS apps, and continue to act as AndCo’s development team as they grow. In addition to building new features, they support their growth strategy with data analysis and digital marketing support.



Crowdform continues to work closely with the team at AndCo, both supporting the product – adding new features, fixing bugs, continually optimising – and on growth hacking as they scale the user base and expand to new markets.