Crowdform Builds a Comprehensive Ecosystem for Pioneer Media Holdings Inc.

The world is entering into a new digital age, namely web3, and Pioneer is a leading web3 technology incubator. With the support of Crowdform, they are building a comprehensive ecosystem and democratizing access for everyone.

Web3 buzz words such as NFT, metaverse, play-to-earn, and crypto are now popping up all around the world, however, for many, it is still an unfamiliar concept. Pioneer’s goal is to change the historical distribution channels and break down barriers to entry so that everyone is able to get involved.

This is a transformative time, and the strategy, with Crowdform’s support, is to create a full, Web3 ecosystem that capitalizes on the dramatic change to the crypto landscape in a short amount of time.

Crowdform will be the backbone of the complete web3 network. As part of Pioneer’s strategic growth plan, it recently made several key acquisitions of NFT and web3 assets.

With Crowdform as the in-house digital product studio, the team will be a crucial part of building the technology infrastructure for the continued growth and development of these assets. The current focus is to build an ecosystem of products based around web3 gaming and payments.

Mike Edwards, Chairman of the Board of Pioneer commented:

The acquisition of Crowdform is our largest acquisition to date and a very important part of our growth strategy. Having our own digital product studio and the expertise of Léo and Ewan, means we can now create and develop our own web3 assets and support our NFT and gaming portfolio to drive our comprehensive ecosystem forward.

We have established the foundational pillars within our business and Crowdform is the foothold that brings everything together. Now that we have built the framework, it’s time for us to execute.

I could not be happier with the progress we’ve made in a short amount of time, including graduating to the NEO exchange, and look forward to adding meaningful shareholder value as the industry continues to evolve and mature.


Ewan Collinge, Co-Founder of Crowdform commented:

Joining the Pioneer group is a new and exciting chapter in the history of Crowdform. We’ve always seen the future of the company as becoming a venture builder, and the opportunity to deliver the Pioneer vision alongside the other talented companies within the group is hugely exciting.

We already have the first ventures in the pipeline and have so far been greatly encouraged by the clarity and speed at which Mike and the other leaders within Pioneer operate.

Léo, myself and our team look forward to building out an ecosystem of products that we hope will form part of the infrastructure of web3 and shape the future of the space in gaming, NFTs, payments and beyond.

Since the acquisition, Crowdform has split its business into three parts to emphasize its role as a web3 venture builder in the portfolio; Labs, Games, and Studio.

Labs is the web3 venture studio. Labs will be responsible for developing new ideas from scratch, launching the product, and then either scaling or pivoting depending on the success of the venture.

Currently, two projects are in the pre-launch stage in Labs; Flex and Helix. Flex provides infrastructure for blockchain games by making it easy to log in and play NFT games, rent NFT game assets and operate play-to-earn guilds. Helix is a web3 payment solution that enables developers to add crypto payments to their checkout flow and sell tokens via the Helix exchange.

More to come upon the launch of these ventures in August.


Games is the game studio building play-to-earn (P2E) games. Games will use Pioneer owned assets and IP to build P2E games.

The goal is to build a “P2EKit” so that the team can rapidly spin up P2E games and test them in the market to gain a deeper understanding of what type of P2E games consumers are looking for.

The Games team is currently building Stonks, a P2E card game built on blockchain. More to come upon the August launch.

Finally, Studio is Crowdform’s client services business, which effectively continues the digital product studio agency model that operated pre-acquisition. The team is working on three projects related to web3, gaming, and online safety.

Web3 is the next evolution of the web and as such, being an aggressive and laser-focused first mover is important. The exciting work is just beginning in this emerging market segment.

Crowdform looks forward to disrupting the industry and breaking down barriers to entry as the backbone of Pioneer’s comprehensive ecosystem.

About Crowdform

Crowdform is a digital product and web3 venture activation studio. They build digital products and launch ventures for the next evolution of the web. Their team of designers, developers, and product experts is passionate about technology and bringing ideas to life.