Crowd Runs Hybrid Event for Leading Solar Company

Crowd runs Hybrid Digital and In-Person Event for Global Solar Power Brand, Trina Solar.

Online and hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular and beneficial for brands when it comes to generating brand awareness, new leads, and business.

Trina Solar, a global leader in the solar industry, approached Crowd Amsterdam with the challenge of creating an immersive event experience for its audience during its participation in Europe’s largest Solar industry trade fair, Intersolar Europe, in Munich.

The brand has participated in Intersolar Europe for many years with great success, but with reduced on-site capacity and due to the COVID-related travel restrictions, Trina Solar sought to reach its audience through a digital campaign that mimicked the experience of being at the fair for those who could not attend in-person. This is where Crowd came in.


Through research into the industry and discussions with Trina Solar on their key requirements, Crowd proposed a digital campaign that would combine high-value video content and strategic messaging to be released on a new microsite, Trina Solar Live, during the days of the trade show.

The microsite would function as the digital booth for Trina Solar Live at Intersolar, Munich, where those who register can access content as well as speak one-to-one with the Trina Solar sales team. Equally important, Crowd would run strategic social media posts on key channels like LinkedIn to build traffic towards the site and lead to data-capturing through registrations.

In the weeks up to the event, Crowd created video recordings of panels conducted on Zoom with the C-suite leaders of the Solar Industry. Moreover, during the event, the team from the Amsterdam studio captured 20+ hours of footage on-site, including live streams and collaborative videos with the client’s key partners.

Email newsletters, social media teasers, previews, and reminders drove traffic to these high-value pieces of content that could all be accessed on the Trina Solar Live platform after registration.

In total, Crowd’s campaign was able to bring the client 140+ extremely high-quality leads, with 90K+ impressions on social media. The Trina Solar Live platform, which now hosts content featuring 15+ top solar energy brands in Europe and globally, also positions its client as the leader in the field and the go-to name for all things solar power. The process of creating content on-site also drew significant positive attention to Trina Solar from both partners and new clients.


Crowd’s digital expertise and the Trina Solar Live platform not only gained results for Trina Solar at Intersolar Europe but promises to continue to bring the client returns on this investment. Even as travel becomes possible in the future, the power of such hybrid campaigns will remain in place.

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