Crowd Nominated For Five RAR Digital Awards!

Crowd have been nominated for five Recommended Agency Register (RAR) Digital Awards!

Crowd Team say “thank you” to all their clients that have nominated them for these awards.

The RAR Digital Awards are unique in the fact that there are no entries to submit or papers to write.

Instead the nominees are based on the high regard of their clients and the ratings left on

Crowd Founder and Director Jamie Sergeant was once again very appreciative of the nominations.

Sergeant said:

It’s testament to the team’s hard work and I feel super proud that yet again we have very happy clients willing to vote for us. We loved attending last year and I’m very excited to get to The Marriott in Grosvenor Square and enjoy another amazing night at the RAR Awards!

Crowd Team believe very heavily in their mission statement and based on these nominations, they are living up to their name.

Their mission statement reads:


This year, the five categories that Crowd have been nominated for are:

• Web Development
• Digital Strategy
• Service Delivery
• Social Media
• Digital Full Service

The Awards ceremony took place on the 19th June, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Park.

At the RAR Awards last year they claimed an unbelievable four wins and we are excited to learn this year’s wins.

See some of the team in last year’s awards highlights video below.

Skip to 1.18 for a special appearance from some of Crowd’s team!

Which award programs do you consider for your agency this year?

If you’re aware of the importance of winning awards, and would like to explore the possibilities, have a look at the Best Digital Agency Awards for consideration in 2018.

About Crowd

Crowd is a creative communications agency with offices in Dubai, London, Bournemouth and San Francisco. Crowd uses creative digital marketing techniques to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the audience you want.