Croud Launches Serpico — A New Tech Platform To Empower In-house Digital Teams

Croud are very excited to announce the launch of their global marketing, consulting and technology platform, Serpico.

The team is offering unparalleled expertise to in-house marketing teams whatever their challenge – from finding the most effective way to track and target a consumer, to enhancing programmatic buying and bidding. The news comes as Serpico is announced as the first Google Marketing Platform partner in 2019.

Combining the best tech and tools with access to Croud’s global, on-demand network of digital marketing resource and expertise, Serpico is a new and unique solution designed with the modern marketer in mind, empowering in-house teams to take control of campaigns and develop specialist teams in house. Serpico provides support and insight to businesses in real- time and delivers impressive international reach for marketing campaigns across 175 markets and 86 languages.


A survey by the ANA in late 2018 found that nearly 80% of its members have an in-house agency, a substantial increase since 2013 when it was around 58%. The two biggest challenges that faced in-house agencies overall were both related to growth; identified as ‘managing workflow’ and ‘efficiently managing resources’. Serpico allows in-house teams to manage digital marketing challenges, effectively and flexibly.

As an award-winning agency, Croud has built over eight years of data and experience working with clients including IWG, Hiscox, Virgin Trains, Vans and Amazon Prime, and has invested £2 million into developing Serpico. The Serpico platform audits and benchmarks a business’ digital activity, providing prioritised recommendations to improve performance, along with monitoring and alerts to prevent mistakes and keep a business ahead of the competition. It also offers access to Croud’s 2,300-strong network of talent, finding the right person to do the right job at the right time.

The first new Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

Luke Smith, CEO at Croud said,

Being an in-house marketer is a fantastic job, but like any other role it has its challenges – from pressure on resources to a diversity of skill required, to lack of automation – and this is why we’re launching Serpico. It is total serendipity that at the same we have been named the first new Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner in 2019.

This programme only reopened two months ago and it’s a testament to our Serpico team that we were able to push through a process that was expected to take six months in just six weeks. This is just the start – we will be launching the technology side of our platform over the coming months – allowing teams access to tools, technology and our network of talent to help develop their digital presence.

As the first Google Marketing Platform partner to go to market in 2019, Serpico has been carefully vetted to meet rigorous qualification standards and is fully certified to support a business to make their campaigns a success.

The Google Marketing Platform partnership – encompassing everything from tech set-up to training and consultancy – is Serpico’s first offering, with further tools and specialisms set to be added throughout 2019 and beyond.