Creativity and Data Are Both Needed To Drive Marketing Solutions

The CEO of Tangent Agency, Marc Becker highlighted that creativity and data are both needed to drive marketing solutions on his recent article on Forbes.

In today’s business, digital marketers are handling big data and statistical analysis to combine it with creativity. Although taking every decision based on analytics and data, now it is time to blend some creativity into the decision making process.

Data Should Feed The Strategy

Using data as a guide for business is crucial especially when calculating ROI just like trusting instincts. Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer of the entertainment empire, marketing powerhouse and data giant, Netflix, reports that 70% of the company’s decisions are made off of instincts.

When it comes to interpreting the data, insight, creativity, risk-taking and storytelling take the stage.

Never Stop Testing

A trial-and-error approach with a small test group brings an opportunity to see what works or fails when a sample marketing plan is rolled out. It is the best way to make sure to analyse and determine what resonates best. At Tangent, they always make deep-dive research on the target audience of a property as well as what they love and respond to most. They also calculate the brand’s pop-culture currency, measuring social media impact, reach, cultural relevance, the cache of the talent involved, and fan engagement (conventions, fan art, etc.).

Trust Your Instincts

The data helps to succeed for the end result, but it cannot bring the vision itself. Imagination, emotion and gut instinct are required to develop the best stories. Great visual marketing is far more successful and impactful than ones with lots of copy, which requires stories that create inspiration, motivation and empathy. This is what only humans can do.

To achieve, you need to be an intelligent and emotive storyteller, and data can help marketers become better storytellers. Make sure your marketing strategy is data-driven with a team that can analyze the numbers and drive your story further. Every campaign needs the perfect blend of creativity and risk-taking, backed by data and insight.

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