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Creative Storytelling Techniques For Marketing

What is creative storytelling?

Creative storytelling is an important method and an effective way to attract people to a brand.

Creatives are storytellers who just employ different media to tell their story. Ads, videos, digital channels are used to tell brand story. In contadistinction to videos, static media have just space, words, colours and pictures. So a print designer needs to be able to tell a big story in a small space.

So what can be done to get messages across quickly and concisely, whilst still carrying sufficient weight and depth to engage a person to a product?

Using what already exists: Consumers’s experiences and emotional responses to their experiences make it easy to tell story. Sometimes, an image which tells a story and affects people emotionally can be better than a 2 minute’s video.

Imagery needs to be relevant to be effective and relevant to advertised brand, as well as the target demographic.

Creative storytelling is about using the given space to maximise efficiency. Thinking about the media is very important. Where and how the story is told, what the best possible medium is should be thought.

Ultimately, good creative storytelling is about understanding the brand and brand’s target market. Communications do not necessarily have to be demographically relevant, but they should be emotionally relevant. Creative storytelling should also be cohesive: the story and the message need to be channelled using every element of the medium. Colour, tone of voice, images, use of space, texture.

3 TED Talks about Effective Storytelling

These 3 TED Talks are about creative and effective storytelling techniques for marketing.

Andrew Stanton – “The Clues to a Great Story”

Stanton brought us “Toy Story” and “WALL-E,” among others. He shares his discoveries of great storytelling in this TED talk. He explains that stories help people to understand who they really are. This allows people to experience the similarities they have with one another.

In addition to connection, Stanton also talks about engagement. He and his writing partner came up with what they called, “The Unifying Theory of 2 + 2.” This theory basically says that you don’t ever give the audience “4;” you give them 2 + 2 and make them come up with 4.

JJ Abrams – “The Mystery Box”

Film and TV writer/director, JJ Abrams, staunchly believes that “mystery is the catalyst for imagination.” In this TED talk, Abrams opens up about how his fascination with the mysterious has been the driving force behind his storytelling.

By weaving in a little mystery into your brand story you are “invoking wonder” and provoking interaction. Engagement and connection to the brand is the point here and using mystery creates the potential for taking it all to a deeper level.

Nancy Duarte – “Uncovering the Structure of the Greatest Communicators”

Nancy Duarte is a writer and graphic designer who became a “presentation expert” after discovering that great storytellers tell stories that follow a similar structure. She compares Martin Luther King’s “I Had a Dream” speech with that of Steve Jobs introduction of the iPhone speech in 2007.

These TED Talks are good examples of creative storytelling for marketers who want to improve their skills and be a successful storyteller.

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