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Creative Mobile Video Apps For Marketing

Creative videos are important to engage with online audience. Especially, mobile and social media marketing experts can take the advantage of creative mobile video apps during the engagement process.

Video is the future of content marketing. Various studies show more than 50% of companies are already making use of the medium. Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

For any social media campaign, video is without doubt one of the best tools in the kit. It is naturally engaging and easy to digest. When it comes to potential reach, videos that have gone viral are famous with their enormous stats.

Video production costs have fallen significantly in recent years and you can even create videos on your own by the help of mobile video apps easily.

Here are 4 creative mobile video apps you can use during the process of creating simple but impressive videos.


Videohance is an easy and cool application to create videos. The app allows users to edit videos in real time, add cool light leaks, adjust the exposure, brightness and contrast and overlay instagram style filters.

Highlights, shadows, frames and more can be added to videos while they are watched, so the changes can be seen immediately. Also, multiple looks and layers can be added.

Download Videohance from iTunes.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a useful app to create fabulous video content. Here is a video about what it is and what a user can do with it:

Also, an another cool video from the team at Adobe Voice explains how the music and the voice of a story is where the real emotion comes through.

Download Adobe Voice from iTunes.

Timelapse Video Tools


Hyperlapse app, created by Instagram, has empowered businesses to create a whole new style of video, taking advantage of the cinematic look, quality and feel of time lapse video.

Hyperlapse app combines the simplicity of the photo sharing service and an image stabiliser to put timelapse photography in everyone’s hands. The application can only be used on iOS devices.

Download Hyperlapse from iTunes.


Framelapse brings hyperlapse quality videos to Android devices.


Flipagram is a sharing app that has one sole purpose, to help users make short movies out of their images. Users can link up their Instagram account and pull directly from it, which makes for a neat way to rediscover old pictures.

It organizes photos from various places on your phone and social feeds and combines them into a slideshow set to music of users choice. Users are then able to share the video via email and/or various social platforms.

You can create fabulous and funny video content using these applications. These creative mobile video apps can be very useful for your social media and mobile marketing communication strategies and campaigns.

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