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Creative Festival 2017



When:13/04/2017 – 15/04/2017

The Creative Festival gathers both regional and international professionals from varied positions and specializations within the creative industry to give and attend a series of Talks, Workshops and an Exhibition.

Check out this promo video of -ING Creative Festival 2017:

Alexander Maliyenko,Senior Director Regional Sales EE/Russia & CIS, Middle East & Africa at Wacom Europe GmbH, said:

Through the three days, we’ve comr to meet serious creative pleople that exactly the people we are lokking for.

Hear from leading creatives working in some of the most innovative companies today, including Google, Pixar, NASA, National Geographic, Disney, Behance, and more.

Hereare some speakers from the upcoming event::


About -ING

-ING is a creative community based in Dubai, dedicated to unlocking your creative potential through Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions and Portfolio Reviews at creative events throughout the year. With over 22,000 creative followers globally, -ING is making an impact in Dubai and the region.

They attract artists and speakers from all parts of the world to share their stories and works as part of their many events.

Dubai-based creative community, -ING brings together over 3,000 creative attendees from all over the world to learn from leading creatives in all industries through talks, hands-on workshops, portfolio reviews, and so much more at the Creative Festival 2017.

Here are some workshops at the upcoming event:


Have a look at the Creative Festival’s website for details: www.ingcreatives.com

The tickets are going fast, get yours before it’s too late!

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