Creative Digital Agency Adao Is Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary

Adao team are proud to announce that they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a creative digital agency.

They have had unforgettable memories during this successful journey, starting with two people and becoming a big happy team.

So far, they have travelled across the world for their clients and also continued offering their digital services to local businesses in the UK. All of these made them what they are right now. It has been a pleasure for them to deliver wonderful works, branching out from specialising in web design to adding digital marketing and web development feathers to their caps over the years.


Here are their favourite moments from the past 10 years:


On 4th August 2010, David and Josh started Adao as a web design agency based in David’s home. With David’s keen knowledge of digital marketing and salesmanship and Josh’s aptitude for all-things-web, they built up a close-knit client base of loyal customers.


In 2011, Edward joined them with coding wizardry at his fingertips. They were able to build a team focused on stunning web design with a deeper understanding of web development that helped them go forward.


Here is a photo of Josh in Adao’s very first official office, Frank Whittle Business Centre in Rugby:



As they grew as a team, their client base grew too. By embracing “work hard, play hard” as the motto of the year, they had great examples of both, from the trio gaining their Google Adwords certifications, to attending exhibitions, to partying in their favourite hats.




January 14th 2013 became the date for the next move, returning to their homegrown roots. David remodelled the entire ground floor of his home on Regent Place into Adao’s business office.

The whole team treated their new office as their home-away-from-home. Finally, it turned into an impressive office that took the attention of the BBC. They were featured on “Britain’s Empty Homes” in February 2013.

Let’s take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos before the big shoot:



2014, another big year for Adao! With new graphic designer Phill and digital marketer Richard, they won a Google Award.

Let’s see the happiness of the award:



Big trip to Amsterdam, Adao gang is sampling the gorgeous architecture of the region, and definitely not hanging out in the pub!


Soon, the team realised that there were far too many people to squeeze into the Regent Place office so the next step was to move to the brand new Adao office down the road on Albert Street.



2016 was the year when they witnessed the newest, fluffiest recruit to the Adao team – Mr Tibbs!


Furthermore, 2016 was also a year for more awards. The Adao team were receiving award after award in the mail, including the 2016 WebAward for web design.


Another year means another makeover for Adao. They decided to expand their office even further. Needless to say, the team was also ready.

Here is a cheeky selfie out on the fire escape:



With their yellow sofa in the Theatre Room and their promo video on their website, 2018 saw the arrival of many good things.


Surprise! Their remote-working digital marketing guru Tris popped over from South Africa.

Here is that special moment when the team came together:



They went down into lockdown a little bit before the rest of the UK. Thinking of those fun times together, it was not easy for them to stay away from each other. Fortunately, they found their ways to hang out online, with daily group chats and a monthly award for keeping their paperwork in order.

From what they have experienced during 10 years, it is for sure that the following years are going to be super exciting for Adao.

About Adao

Adao is a creative digital agency based in the heart of the Midlands providing a range of design, web and digital marketing services to their valued clients.