The Creative Benefits Of A Global Agency

The current marketing landscape is fierce and rapidly evolving. Innovative thinking has forced evolutions to occur at a faster rate, day-by-day.

In the agency game, in order to stay ahead you have to be able to adapt; leading the field, as opposed to following it.

Since their inception, Crowd has always had the aspiration to become a ‘global agency’. This global ambition is not for showboating, financial reward or even for holiday-making purposes. It is so they can create the best creative work possible and work with a wide variety of clients.


Operating globally is difficult and certainly has its disadvantages. Working across time zones, communicating in different languages and travelling from continent to continent is time consuming, and expensive… It’s a risky strategy, but Crowd truly believe it enables them to bring huge value to their clientele.

Here’s four reasons why:

1. Cherry-picking the talent.

Working globally gives an agency the ability to harvest the best talent available. Global agencies can use their international talent pool as a cultural cocktail to offer top-quality creative work. With a cosmopolitan team made up of field experts you can provide a wealth of languages and local knowledge which will be warmly received all over the world.

2. 24-hour working days.

By working internationally, an agency has the ability to work around the clock. Covering a multitude of time zones means an agency can be passing client tasks from one country to another in a non-stop creative pipeline. With an efficient communication infrastructure in place, it’s easy to see how this can be appealing to a client.

Once Crowd’s office in China opens, there will truly only be one hour a week where a Crowd office isn’t open.

3. Pressured to improve.

It allows an agency to open their offering to the world. Instead of focussing on a city, a country, or even a region, a global agency has no limit. This means that an agency like Crowd can be constantly challenged to develop and adapt its creative work to the desires of its global clientele. An attitude like this has meant that the agency’s creative work isn’t only great, but constantly improving. Now they have a global portfolio of clients all over the world and this is forcing them to adapt, pivot and evolve the work to be the best it can be.

4. Providing a world view.

Although Crowd operate from four countries, the team is made up of creatives from countries even further afield. With staff from Germany, Latvia, The Philippines, Croatia, Egypt, India, France and Australia, they provide a global outlook and are able to bring insights that cross borders and cultures. Global clients have come to appreciate the built-in global experience that comes as standard with Crowd projects.

Crowd’s global approach has enabled us to consistently produce award-winning creative work. They believe the pro’s far outweigh the con’s, and for them it was definitely worth taking the leap from a UK-based agency to a global agency. Great creative work is not just the product of effort, it needs a spark of ingenuity and their global approach facilitates that ingenuity.

About Crowd

Crowd is a creative communications agency with offices in Dubai, London, Bournemouth and San Francisco. Crowd uses creative digital marketing techniques to ensure your marketing message is delivered to the audience you want.