Covert Generated a Digital Strategy for MSI

Covert generated an Australia-focused digital strategy for a world-leading gaming and eSports brand, MSI.


MSI is a world-leading gaming and eSports brand, that provides innovative design and breakthroughs in technology to create extreme performance-gaming experiences. Covert engaged MSI to develop a marketing strategy aimed at the Australian market.

The Challenge

A strategy that generates online sales through retailers such as JBHIFI, JW computers, MSY, etc focusing on the Gaming Series laptops.


The Solution

Covert developed content and data-driven strategy based on a two-phased approach:

  1. Increase awareness through engaging case study content of high-performance eSports professionals using MSI computers.
  2. Drive users to retail stores to make a purchase.
  3. Drive gamers and customers to an up-coming event.

The Results

Produced an increase in customers visiting retail stores and attendance at events.

About Covert

Covert is an end-to-end digital marketing agency. Our team will work closely with you at every stage; from inception to implementation.