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Content Strategy Innovation Summit 2016

Organization:Innovation Enterprise

Location:Los Angeles

When:15/09/2016 – 16/09/2016

Innovation Enterprise plays host to the upcoming Content Strategy Innovation Summit. Across the two-day event, attendees will be given insight into content strategy from the likes of Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, AT&T, BuzzFeed, Disney and many more.

Just as with wider business planning, content strategy is being driven by not just advancements in technology but in the resultant user behavior. Where quality written content was once the dominant means of engaging an audience, video has arguably become a more effective medium.

The algorithmic preference given by companies such as Facebook to video content is both a cause and a symptom of the rise in video consumption that has seen so many brands invest time and money into creating it.

With the analytics and insight available to brands, individual publishers can determine which content works best to tell their story, and plan their content strategy accordingly.

Future strategy can be heavily influenced by past campaigns, and it has never been easier for brands to identify and target different groups with their content.

The event is co-located with four other summits:

  • The Digital Marketing Innovation Summit
  • The Brand Strategy Innovation Summit
  • The Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit
  • The Digital Strategy Innovation Summit for the Business Innovation Festival

Among the presenters will be director of content at Microsoft, Karen Kesler; Global Head of Content at Bloomberg, Josh Rucci; SVP of Content Strategy at Refinery29, Neha Gandhi, as well as many other voices from some of content strategy’s shining lights.

On top of the insight offered by the events speakers, the 600+ attendees will be given the opportunity to engage with one another, in organized networking sessions and interactive panel discussions, allowing them to expand their networks and discuss opportunities going forward.

content strategy innovation summit

For registration and event details click here.

About Innovation Enterprise

Innovation Enterprise is a division of Argyle Executive Forum, is a business-to-business media brand specializing in delivering the most innovative business solutions to executive-level decision makers.

Innovation Enterprise produces a range on online and offline content, including, but not limited to, summits, online learning, webinars, and white papers, as well as offering other additional services such as lead generation and bespoke research.

Innovation Enterprise focuses on seven key channels – Finance, Supply Chain, Analytics, Big Data, Strategy, Digital, Innovation & Sports – to ensure that organizations are furnished with all the cutting-edge insights necessary to driving growth in the evolving business environment.

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