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How Content Marketing Impacts Your Sales Funnel

The best content marketing strategies, involving on-site and off-site content, can have a positive impact on your sales funnel.

The days of flooding the internet and your website with promotions to lure in your customers are long gone…

A modern technique to achieve a high return at low cost is content marketing – the art of communicating with your customers without direct selling.

Content marketing involves providing your customers with engaging content that enhances their online experience and also keeps the brand on the forefront of their minds. The idea is to offer customers consistent and valuable information, which will consequently, earn their loyalty and trust.

In terms of sales funnel, all levels benefit from content marketing as it increases awareness, builds trust, addresses potential customer concerns and finally converts leads – all driving consumers to the bottom of the funnel.

Let’s look at some of the different content marketing activities that can help put your brand further into the green.

2 Tips for Making Content Marketing Work for Your Bottom Line

1) Create Great On-Site Content

For a brand to be successful, it needs to find its voice. A voice that distinguishes it from the market competitors. One way to do so is by keeping a blog on the website with fresh and informative posts.

Blogging is an effective channel in generating leads and allows your customers to get an authentic feel for who you are.

Keeping in mind the sales funnel, blogging helps you hit your target in three key stages by increasing awareness because of an optimized search engine ranking, building trust by being a thought leader in the industry and creating conversions.

Great content can attract both visitors and gain you a higher index in the search engines – both work to your benefit.

2) Use Off-Site Content To Attract

Off-site content drives traffic to your website and reaches out to newer audiences. It needs to be just as attractive as your on-site content to bring in the target audience and make them curious about your brand. This is crucial in generating new customers.

You can often use large-scale marketing campaigns such as promotions. These help to improve your search rankings through inbound links, grow your website traffic, and further your reach – all creating a path to your brand.

Fractl recently decided to take a closer look and highlight how content marketing can have a positive impact on your bottom line:

content marketing sales funnel

The perfect mix of on-site and off-site content marketing can directly impact your sales funnel and may take up to a year to bring results.

For now, plow your seeds with great content and wait a while to reap off your rewards.

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