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Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of bringing highly targeted traffic to your online business.

We live in the information era, and whether we like it or not, knowledge is power. Some marketers believe that content marketing means writing a few articles each week, optimizing them for search engines and job finished.

Fortunately for those who treat their content marketing strategies like real work, they will never have issues competing with most of their competitors. For those who treat it easily, well, there are no prizes except disappointment.

As content marketers, we make a lot of mistakes, and these mistakes can cost us big time. In today’s article we’ll talk about few content marketing errors and how we can correct them.

Mistake #1: Your Content is Just Not Good Enough

Do you even know what good content means? Well, most of the content marketers have no clue what it means to write killer content.

There’s poor content all over the place, and that’s because webmasters emphasize the marketing process while neglecting the actual informational content.

Brandon Graham, Chief Content Marketer at Careers Booster, said:

You can’t expect to have results when hiring a 5$ per article writer.

He’s totally right. You just can’t. In fact, cheap content will probably result in Google sandboxing your website, hiding it, so people won’t have to deal with that crap.

The solution? Get better content. Whether you write or outsource it, focus on the content before even thinking about the marketing process.

There’s no place for grammar mistakes, really general information, hard-to-read phrases, and so on. Your content must be helpful and ultimately solve the reader’s problems.

Mistake #2: Your Content is Selling Rather Than Teaching

The purpose of content is to educate, not sell. Of course, as part of the content marketing strategy you also have to pitch some offers and ultimately generate leads out of your effort.

When people introduce a question into a search engine, they’re expecting to find solutions.

Jay Baer, President & Social Media and Content Marketing Strategist, Convince & Convert, said:

Content is the emotional and informational bridge between commerce and consumer.

You see, when consumers see an article that appears on their Facebook news feed, they click it so they can find out more about the subject, not to immediately buy your products. Focusing on selling more than educating is only going to create a customer resistance towards your persuasion techniques.

On the other hand, if your content is genuine and teaches your readers how to solve their problems, they will soon trust you and come back to your website. Maybe they don’t buy anything for three days, but the fourth day might come with a nice sale. That’s how you should look at content marketing: give before expecting anything in return.


Mistake #3: You’re Not Focusing on Evergreen Content

If you want to build a stable business, your solutions must be applicable today, tomorrow, and also the next year.

“Evergreen” means everlasting. So for example if your content is related to the current Pokemon GO phenomenon, you are NOT focusing on something evergreen. That’s because Pokemon GO may fade away in a couple of months, and all of your efforts would be in vain.

Instead, if you are writing about pregnancy, you can expect a lot of readers as long as your content is up and running. Evergreen content is priceless because it allows you to consistently market your products without having to keep spending money and time on new content and marketing material.

Let’s not forget the fact that you can always repurpose evergreen content. You can turn articles into audiobooks, videos, and even slides.

Mistake #4: You Aren’t Using Social Media to Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs once said:

Create content that reaches your audience’s audience.

Think about it. Your content reaches a random person. That person quickly shares it with a friend, and that friend continues to share it with another friend; this is what social media is.

Each piece of content you choose to promote should be interesting enough so that someone who reads it finds it necessary to share it with others. Your blog post can even become viral, and your website could be flooded with big amounts of traffic.

Here’s a useful article concerning “shareable content”.

It helps you with tips and tricks from social media experts that already found the working techniques when it comes to viral content.


Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques nowadays. That, of course, if you’re doing it right. Before even considering success in content marketing, you need to give your best and find out what mistakes you’re doing.

By constantly analyzing your results, you can figure out whether you’re on the right path or you have to take some turns. It’s important that you never give up trying, because most of the times, those who never quit will eventually make it to the top.

I wish you good luck with your content marketing journey!

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