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Content Marketers Write Better With These 9 Grammar Tools

Writing content can be tricky. You’ve got to get the tone and balance just right, to keep your readers hooked and coming back for more.

If you struggle with your grammar though, that’s going to be tricky. All is not lost, though. These nine tools will help you get to grips with grammar, and put out the best content you can.

1. Daily Writing Tips: Grammar

This website has answers to all the grammar questions you could ever have. From ‘What is a dangling modifier?’ to ‘Dozen: Singular or plural?’, you’ll find the answer here.

If something’s bugging you or you’re stuck while writing, make a trip here as they’ll more than likely have the answer.


2. AustralianHelp

There’s few grammar guides out there online that can compare to the one on this website. If you need to look a rule up, this is where you should go.

There’s lots of help available, and it’s all sectioned out so you can find what you need with little fuss. Keep this website handy while you’re writing, and you’ll always have the answers at your fingertips.


3. Grammar Girl

This easy to read guide is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in grammar. They cover everything, from beginner’s tips to black belt grammar.

If you want to learn more and improve your writing, following this blog is a great way to get started.


4.  UK Writings

No one can be perfect with their grammar the first time round. That’s why it’s so important that you proofread your work.

If you struggle with that step, have the editors here do it instead. They’ll find and edit out all the errors you make, and deliver back something you can use right away.


5.  Grammar Checker

Need to edit quickly? Doesn’t everyone? If you need to make sure your grammar’s correct in a hurry, paste it into this tool.

You’ll get instant feedback on what needs to be corrected, so you can make the changes without the hassle.


6.  Easy Word Count

This tool is more versatile than you think. As the name implies, it counts your words for you, which is always useful.However, it also highlights misspellings, so you can check two things at once in your writing.

When you’re up against the deadline, a multi tasking tool can be the best one to use.


7.  Online Correction

It’s always best to have a human check your writing for you, but it’s not always possible.

When you need an extra eye on your writing, try this grammar checker. It will highlight spelling, grammar and stylistic mistakes for you, so you can edit them out easily.


8.  White Smoke

If you write mostly in your browser and find copying a pasting a drag, this tool is the one for you.

It can be downloaded right into your browser, and it will highlight errors as you type. It’s the best way to see at a glance what needs changing as you’re writing your text.


9.  Your Dictionary Grammar Rules

Sometimes it’s the most basic rules that can fox even the best writers. How do you properly write the date?

What’s a possessive? What’s the difference between the definite and indefinite article? This page can answer all of these questions, and more.


Keep these tools to hand as you write, and you’ll see that it’s much easier to keep your grammar in check. No one can write with perfect grammar first time, so make sure to give yourself the edge. You won’t regret it.

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