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Connect With Your Customers Using Automated E-mails

Do you own an online store or offer services via Internet? If yes, you can’t pass by this article.

Starting Internet business seems to be a real challenge. Interesting idea and a well-thought-out business plan are not enough. Even if you managed to set the ball rolling, it’s a pretty difficult task to KEEP this ball rolling. Imagine, that your store is developing at the speed of light, your client database is expanding every day by tens and hundreds, you are overwhelmed with the orders…seems fantastic, yes?

In fact, yes, it’s true, but a new challenge occurs: How to keep pace with your customers? How to make them not forget about you in such a crazy tempo? And how to care about every single client?

You need to give constant reminders to your customers of yourself. They should feel your care, they are to be sure that you always have something interesting for them. All these become possible with the help of automated emails.

Automated email is a convenient function for day-to-day interaction with the clients on a wide range of issues. For example, right after the subscription to the newsletter, an automated series of emails is launched, which are sent at the specified time with certain intervals. Thus, you can teach your subscribers how to work with your service or explain the way of ordering goods in your store.

SendPulse helps you send automated emails. SendPulse is an integrated messaging platform that offers emailing, SMS and browsers notifications. It is possible to use three these channels of communication together and combine them within your communication campaign. It means that you can contact your subscribers through email, those who did not respond to email can be reached by web push or SMS. This lets you raise your audience reach and engagement.

Furthermore, SendPulse provides unique functionality that increases email and message Open Rates. This is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This function makes it possible to observe the best time for sending messages to the clients.

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to deliver relevant information to your audience. Automated emails with the help of special software allow to save time for companies, dealing with a great number of users. So, there are several advantages of using automated emails.
They are the following:

• Convenience of work with the service since working tools are easy to comprehend;
• The possibility to send personalized emails;
• High speed of emails delivery and current updates;
• The details of the mailing results are available.



Automations concerned, SendPulse gives attractive opportunities of sending automated series emails, special date emails and triggered emails. Automated series are sent immediately after a user subscribes or is added to the list. It’s very easy to use. Choose “Automations”, then “Automated series” and “Create an automated series”.

After that, you have to enter the Series name, select Mailing list, that will receive this email series, enter email address “From”, sender’s name, choose appropriate days for sending. Besides, in the field “Integration” you can activate SMS to subscribers who have phone numbers.


Additionally, you are able to resend the automated emails if a user is added to the mailing list again and retrieve statistics


The next step is to enter the email subject; select template; add triggers if necessary, choose time for sending an email and add message. Save and launch.


Also, you can send an automated email on (before or after) the date set in a variable, for example, on recipient’s birthday. For this purpose, click on “Create an email based on a date”. The possibilities are the same, but you are to enter the sending condition and time for sending.

The last opportunity for automated emails in SendPulse is a triggered email. It is an email sent to the authorized person, depending on his behaviour on your website. Having analyzed the work of your online shop for example, you know when you are likely to lose your customers, therefore you can prevent them from unsubscribing, sending a motivating email with the help of a triggered email.

Triggered emails are used for attracting new customers, saving current client base and conversion increase. The distinctive feature of a triggered email lies in the fact that it is not planned for mass mailing, but serves as a reaction or feedback for the actions of a particular person.

There are several types of triggered emails: welcome emails, incorporation, early activation, reactivation, remarketing, transactional. This automated email will be sent once after a certain condition is met, like subscriber opened an email, clicked a link, etc.

To send thisemails, click on “Create a triggered email”. Everything is the same as in the previous automated email, but you have to choose the sending condition and select email campaign.


Automatic sending of emails is a powerful method of increasing sales in Internet business, which allows you to set and control the schedule to start sending messages. Show your care about customers with the help of SendPulse!

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