Complete Website & Marketing Solution Helps Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery Scale Their Business

Pfeiffer Plastic Surgery reached out to Morningtrain with a wish to scale the growth potential of the business.

The Challenge

Plastic surgery is an expensive market. It was therefore crucial for Pfeiffer that they were able to draw a concrete connection between the digital efforts and the serious client inquiries.

The Solution

Pfeiffer opened their doors in 2018 making it a relatively new clinic. Google and Facebook are obvious channels for new businesses, and since the services, offered by Pfeiffer, are already known by potential buyers, there are many thousand searches every month.

When Morningtrain simultaneously developed a new website for Pfeiffer, Google and Facebook became even more obvious channels to try and grab some of the market share from the existing competitors.

Facebook and Instagram were used to catch the interest of potential clients, while SEO and Google Ads were important channels to pull in potential clients that were already far in their decision process.

A very important part of the digital effort was the tracking of the leads, for this Morningtrain used their own lead tracking framework Morningtrack™, which provides a detailed insight into the effects of the various marketing efforts, and thereby being able to see exactly where the inquiries came from.

In this way, Pfeiffer was able to review the various inquiries with Morningtrain’s specialists on a monthly basis and plan out which areas to focus on, based on the path taken by relevant clients that converted.

An important part of achieving the results, was Pfeiffer’s insight into the customer lifetime value, as they know that a new client typically recommends them to several new clients afterwards, making the real value higher than what they spend themselves. With that knowledge Morningtrain’s specialists were able to advertise as effectively as possible because they knew exactly how much they could spend to acquire a new client.

The Result

Pfeiffer is still very much on their way to conquering organic rankings on Google in a highly competitive market, which requires extremely high website authority due to Google’s strict requirements on YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) topics.

Nevertheless, the outcome of the before-mentioned efforts was pretty evident already 3-6 months into the collaboration.

The following results stood especially out:

  • Pfeiffer now had so many bookings that it was difficult for them to keep up with the demand
  • They now had specific insight into exact keywords and target groups which provide the good consultations
  • Their new website ensures high speed and good user experiences, resulting in many of the website visitors actually converting

About Morningtrain

Morningtrain is a full-service digital agency for those that are ready to take their business to the next level. Their solutions are built for scaling, securing short- and long-term growth