CommCreative Redesigned the Website of OOFOS

CommCreative completely redesigned the website of OOFOS to streamline the shopping experience and minimize the sadness of shopping cart abandonment.

Improving Their Stride

When OOFOS came to CommCreative, they had a loyal fan base. But not a broad one. They wanted to attract a younger audience without sacrificing their current one, and at the same time communicate the new idea of a “recovery shoe.” Easy, right?

Finding the Digital Ecosystem That Fits

In order to attract more new customers, CommCreative looked at the entire digital ecosystem most often used for that first purchase. Then they enticed customers back to through the digital community.

The reporting and strategic measurement framework CommCreative put into action not only prioritized sales from but also looked at sales from other online retail channels that their go-to-market strategy directly impacted, including both and


Look and Feel

Their messaging highlighted the technology without sacrificing the overall experience of wearing OOFOS. Email marketing was a key area where they could drive more website sales by engaging and nurturing the loyal OOFOS customer base with the brand’s new look and feel.

Where the Oofoam™ Meets the Road

CommCreative’s full go-to-market plan included digital and print in industry-specific publications, including a partnership with Runner’s World and participation in the pop-up Boston Marathon Shop. CommCreative also built a comprehensive KPI and reporting strategy to make sure young people were picking up what they were putting down.


All about the Destination

CommCreative completely redesigned to streamline the shopping experience and minimize the sadness of shopping cart abandonment.


About CommCreative

CommCreative is a Boston marketing & ad agency that uses an integrated approach to build brands, generate leads & drive sales for clients.