Christmas Lights Are Lit With Solar Panels In Sweden

Can you run solar panels and light up your Christmas tree in the middle of the dark Swedish winter? You can if you’re a resident in Sölvesborg!

Energy company E.ON have collaborated with M&C Saatchi Stockholm and just launched a campaign that uses solar panels and E.ON’s storage battery to power an extraordinary Christmas light show.

E.ON also motivates its customers to save solar powers on their roofs and produce their own electricity. Sun’s radiation can be turned into energy by two options; photovoltaic and concentrated solar power. The company arranges contests to become a ‘Solfarmare’ and by becoming one, they provide solar cells to five lucky winners.

By investing on obtaining solar cells, you can cover almost all of your power needs, raise the value of your home, can sell the surplus and strike a blow for the environment. E.On believes that photovoltaics is a good investment both for economy and for the future.

Let’s watch The Solar Christmas Experience, here:

The light show, featuring a remix of “For a Better Day” by Avicii, took place at a real home in a small Swedish town called Sölvesborg. The residents, sun farmers Lars and Ingegärd Andersson, switched on the grand one-take Christmas light experience that could be seen and heard from miles away.

The film ends with the message: “Turn on your Christmas lights with a good conscience. Use solar energy all year round with our storage battery.”

This absolutely brings joy to the Sölvesborg town and inspire other conscious residents, don’t you think?

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