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Chief IoT Officer – Now Hiring In 2016

According to a recent survey, more than half of the organizations in the UK have polled in favor of hiring a Chief Internet of Things Officer for their companies in 2016!

New trends in technology require new skills, they open new vacancies and create jobs.

The newest trending job introduced in the hyper-connected digital world is that of a Chief IoT Officer (short for: Chief Internet of Things Officer).

According to a recent report released by security supplier Webroot and data center organization IO, over more than half organizations from the UK polled a plan to employ a chief IoT officer in the coming year.

Chief IoT Officer Who?

Chief IoT Officer is a newly emerging executive job title given to the person at an enterprise, who is in charge of how products that support the Internet of Things (IoT) are developed and implemented to best support company objectives and goals.

Speaking In Statistics

54% of the 500 UK CEOs and senior decision makers polled in a survey entitled “IoT: Risk or Reward?” – conducted by OnePoll- saying they would invest in the Internet of Things by looking to appoint a chief IoT officer.

The most likely industries to make this move, according to the research, are the telecoms (64% of respondents), retail (63%), and education (63%) industries.

In terms of survey figures, 68% of business leaders are expecting to reap actual benefits from their IoT investments in 2016.

These revelations come as 94% of all UK businesses claim to be investing in initiatives to prepare for the IoT, spreading those investments across infrastructure, security, R&D, skills and personnel.

In terms of primary focus for IoT investment, 71% of respondents say network infrastructure attracts the bulk of the money. A quarter (24%) say their current infrastructure is a barrier to successful IoT adoption.


IO Director, Andrew Roughan, says,

We’re definitely seeing a move in enterprises. There are some initiatives that can drive change quickly and deliver some customer-facing and online benefits, but this is about more than that – it’s about defining the next era of the enterprise, beyond five or 10 years.

Security Matters

Webroot’s VP, Strategic Partnerships, IoT, John Sirianni, points out that security concerns are warranted in the IoT era, and that organisations will need to adopt some new thinking.

Webroot’s VP, John Sirianni, says:

The speed at which the cyber-criminals innovate is generally faster than the speed at which enterprises can react. The enterprise can only hire so many security professionals – and they need to make sure that when they do, they invest in the best technologies, processes and training too.

Sirianni added,

We have already seen every piece of critical infrastructure hacked – nuclear power plants, oil and gas refineries, and aeroplanes. They have all been compromised at some level. A lot of the cyber-criminals have new toys to play with in the industrial base. ‘Can I get into this building? Can I get into that control valve?’ The only good news is that they have not yet figured out the best way to monetise that.

With smart machines becoming mainstream, the Chief IoT job is gaining popularity and taking up responsibilities related to IoT strategy, previously handled by CTO or CIO.

While a search for CIoT openings on LinkedIn or Indeed.com at the moment won’t be fruitful yet, but the role seems to have a promising future, especially in the UK.

Do you think we need CIoT officers? Let us know in the comments below.

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