Capital Market Fund, Cavalry Ventures Advanced Their Website With The Help Of Bleech

Introducing themselves as ‘the first investors for your company’, Cavalry Ventures collaborated with Berlin digital agency, Bleech to advance their website.

Given their own entrepreneurial background, Cavalry Ventures strongly believe that finding the right investor for the right stage of your company can make all the difference.

This is why they encourage every early stage company to find investors who can bring something to the table apart from just writing the initial check. This might be relevant operational experience to really understand your business now, and the challenges ahead.

It might be a Rolodex containing the list of your first customers, or access to follow-on funding, or whatever else might be of value to you at that particular moment. Crucially, always make sure there is a good personal fit as well! After all, you’ll likely not get rid of each other for the next seven to ten years.

So, they created Cavalry to be that investor.


Real operations know how

As entrepreneurs, Cavalry has been fortunate enough to co-found, scale and sell successful companies over the past 15 years (the most recent one being Delivery Hero). Three of them currently still runs their own startup business, and given their community of 200+ founders, supporters, experts and investors, the chances are high that at least one of them shares some operational experience that will be of value to their customers’ business.

Cavalry aims to leverage the wisdom of this community to create actual operational and strategic value for their portfolio companies. How might this look? Well, they might provide an expert who might support with SaaS company’s pricing strategy, or connect you with a founder who currently works on a similar marketplace model, just in another vertical.

Leander & Daniel at Medbelle, commented,

Working with Cavalry is great! The team always offer the optimal level of hands-on support and is proactive without ever getting in the way.


Entrepreneurial talent

Convincing the best employees in the market to come work for your company ultimately remains your responsibility as founders. But supporting the process on multiple levels. They will review their own network to source key hires (Cavalry also introduced Mario from ShowHeroes to his co-founders as an example). They’ll also leverage strong ties to recruiters and connect customers with the right ones at the right time, while providing friends and family rates.

Network access

With strong ties into the old economy and German Mittelstand in particular (i.a. real estate, trade/logistics, manufacturing and media) and deep connections within the European startup ecosystem, Cavalry is able to connect founders with the right catalysts early on.

To kickstart their business, the company introduced FreightHub to various potential clients and companies trading internationally, which has served FreightHub as a platform for growth.

Fundraising support

While there is usually no way to shortcut the fundraising process, they strongly believe founders (especially at an early stage) should be able to focus on building their business instead of going door-to-door, chasing investors for months.

This is why Cavalry keeps the distraction to a minimum and help streamline your fundraising process in any way possible – from sparring over the initial strategic decisions to committing to the growth story, helping to create the pitch deck and giving warm intros to the most relevant follow-on investors in the market.


Cavalry’s mission is to provide support in getting from the initial Seed round to a Series A setup that promises the most value for their customers’ business.

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