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You Can ‘Save’ Your Favorite Photos On Instagram Now

Yesterday, Instagram launched a new bookmarking feature that lets the users save photos or videos for later in a private tab inside the app.

The feature should come as welcome news to the app’s users who couldn’t find a more efficient way except from taking screenshots.

Instagram product Manager Ashley Yuki says,

Until now users have often resorted to screenshots or messaging themselves in order to keep track of posts.

With the new update, Instagrammers will see a ‘bookmark’ icon below the posts. By tapping the icon, user adds the photo or video to a private tab in their profiles.

In the app, users can save things in the way they did in usual— simply click the save button on the bottom of the post. Plus, the most wondering question is answered: friends won’t be able to see which posts the user has saved.


The company wrote a blog post and announcing the new feature officially,

When you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation, you can now keep track of favorite posts right from your profile.

There is also a web-based workaround that allows users to save posts without screenshots, but it requires a few steps more. Saving posts on Instagram is a minor update, but we think that the other companies will start the ‘save/bookmark‘ procedure soon.

With the concept of saving the posts on Instagram, throwing a shade on Pinterest may be possible because we all are aware that saving images and posts is the purpose of the platform. Even so, we hope that the increasing amount of fashion accounts and on-app boutiques won’t kill the everyday-inspiring other applications.

The new save button is part of the app itself with an update for iOS and Android smartphones and will run for Windows 10 in a few weeks.

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