You Can Apply To Work At McDonald’s via ‘Snaplication’ – A Snapchat Application

Want to work at McDonald’s? If you’re a frequent Snapchat user you can, because the company will now accept job applications via Snapchat!

For Macca’s job seekers in Australia, the first round of interviews will soon include a bit of social media interaction: a 10-second audition that is called a “Snaplication.” While using the app, the user sees a filter that lets them try on a McDonald’s uniform virtually.

After a future-employee records a 10-second video and sends it to the @Maccas Snapchat account, the app will provide a direct link to the application form and digital careers page.


Shaun Ruming, Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s Australia, told

It certainly won’t replace a thorough face-to-face interview, but we’ll obviously take it into account. I’ve learnt a lot about Snapchat recently from my 14-year-old daughter. We think this is actually a world first.

Snaplications is basically a Snapchat ‘lens’ that gives users the ability to apply for a job—or at least commence that process—by sending a 10-second snap. We’re the largest employer of youth in the country, so we’re trying to look for new and innovative ways to recruit crew people.

McDonald’s Down Under claims to be the biggest employer of millennials in Australia. The company states that partnering with Snapchat is very important to reach thousands of young people who are tech-savvy and Snapchat users.

‘Snaplications’ began on 7th April, 2017, but the chain has not yet confirmed whether it plans to roll it out in the US, yet.


Snapchat is a over-in-10-seconds mobile app, which is almost just as fleeting as the fast food business. Nice match!