BuzzFever Developed Content Strategy for Ricola

Ricola came to BuzzFever to develop a content strategy for product education.


In 2020, Ricola targeted to increase prompted brand awareness and solve the problem that they are not well understood nor perceived functional. Thus, BuzzFever has developed a content strategy for product education and to encourage more occasional usage by communicating multi occasions customized to TA’s lifestyle.



  • Enhance brand interest.
  • Enhance Product Education to tackle the problem that people perceive Ricola as Candy instead of functional.
  • Enhance organic performance.
  • Online sales driven content.

About BuzzFever

BuzzFever was established in 2014 in Hong Kong and well understand marketers nowadays not only want to execute online marketing campaigns without any ROI.


BuzzFever uses different Social Media systems for all marketing campaigns.

Social Media Analysis is important for the execution of Social Media Marketing, since understanding brand health and helps to strategically decide what brands should do and not do in Social Media.