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How To Build Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram can be a beneficial, visual promoting channel for your brand. To gain success here, use these helpful steps.

Since 2010, Instagram is dominating our social media lives and many people are using the platform to gain business and popularity.

Building your brand and introducing it online was not easy but now, things have changed. Launching and managing an account is easier than it was five years ago. It’s a good time to create a business on Instagram, as there are so many tools to support your account and provide supplements.

Instagram is a business platform now, you have the chance to build strong connections related to your brand and, increase your brand awareness online.

Let’s take a look at what we can do to build your brand on Instagram:

1. Determine Your Goals

Before you post, always ask yourself what you want to accomplish from your brand and why. The respond will define your goals for your brand.

If you want a strong Instagram community, work for it and build it. If you are a strong and successful brand and you are trying to make your social media platforms reflect your brand, use it that way. But first, determine your goals and try to work for it, therefore you make things easier for your brand.
If you want to advertise on Instagram, make sure money is not dominating you for the first place, prestige is.

Jessica Kia, Head of Global Digital and Social Media at Kate Spade New York,

Advertising just jump-starts you. Even if you only have $50, you can run an Instagram campaign, and you can reach those people who already have an interest in your brand.

Also keep in mind that having a smaller and a loyal, engaged community is more valuable than a million irrelevant followers. Make sure to target and reach people who might have an interest for your brand.

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

2. Define Your Brand Identity

Building your brand identity is like defining a person’s character. If you build a solid brand identity in the start, people trust your brand and start to follow you even if they don’t shop from you, just for inspiration.

Make sure you determine a brand concept – an aesthetic key, and keep it consistent. If a person recognizes your brand from your concept, you did a good job.

Make sure you make your mark and standout. Know your target audience well and try to suit their tastes, in an authentic way.

A photo posted by H&M (@hm) on

3. Amass A Following

Rather than advertising for followers, aim to get organic likes and use traditional methods like following your target audience, with hopes that they will follow you. You can also follow similar brands, and reach out to the audience of those fans, to get a ROI. Use similar hashtags as those brands, however add them in the comments to avoid a long caption.

Find your soul-mate brands and influencers for understanding trends of the market and tastes of your target audience. Believe it or not, everyone on Instagram does the same thing.

Plus, don’t forget to synch other social media platforms with Instagram, and manage them at the same time so you can engage with more followers using different media.

4. Timing Is Important

Timing matters. The right content, timed wrong can fail to create impressions or collect likes. To find out the optimal posting time on Instagram, check for your followers time zones, and if you’re looking for more – conversation, new followers- plan your schedule and post on specifically chosen times when there is most activity among your target audience.

Brands mostly start posting at 9 a.m. Between lunch breaks, noon and 2 p.m. is a great time for posting as well. There are also some “universal” times good for interaction e.g. Sunday evenings are perfect for social media actions.

Don’t forget: Don’t repeat posts of similar/same content. This means for one event, two different posts are far better. If you make back-to-back posts, you may see the engagement go down and probably lose followers.

YUP, new @SnoopDogg! #COOLAID. 2 days early. ? Listen now on #AppleMusic. (link in bio)

A photo posted by Apple Music (@applemusic) on

5. Count On Nature

It’s nice to see a change on social media from the boring, business and work posts. From time to time, put some beautiful nature shots.

An undeniable fact; nature has a positive effect on everyone, so use that. If #tbt exists on social media, so do some stereotypes. A few clichés never hurt nobody.

??+❄️☕️+?? Theme #4: Iced Coffee + Nature. Share your photos using #StarbucksOnIce and we'll regram our favorites!

A photo posted by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on

To conclude, we can basically say that Instagram is a universal platform for sharing and communicating via pictures.

To manage it well and succeed, design a concept first and then, try to earn followers. Don’t over plan, be spontaneous every now and then.

The best thing you can do, is to know your brand well, and just follow its tone.

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