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Brilliant! Magnani’s Podcast Series Are About Innovation, Design And Experience

Produced by Magnani, Brilliant is a podcast about innovation, design and transformational experiences.

Each episode of Magnani’s Brilliant, delves into the inspiration, ideas, disruptions and downfalls that conspire to crown tomorrow’s market leaders.  Let’s have a look at their last three podcasts, which are Trending Up, Get in the Game, and Innovative, Fun, and Delicious.

13. Trending Up: Justin sits down for a conversation with Maxwell Luthy of Trendwatching about using trend data to drive the innovation process, the demonization of consumer excess, the emergence of a-commerce, Super Human Resources and AI, Facebook’s consolidation of messaging platforms, and the dangers of making cross-cultural generalizations.

14. Innovative, Fun and Delicious: Nick Kokonas is co-owner of The Alinea Group, which includes the Michelin 3-star restaurant, Alinea, as well as Next, The Aviary, Roister and The Aviary NYC. They have also written and produced two award-winning books. Nick is the founder and CEO of Tock.com, a dynamically priced ticketing software for restaurants.

Justin and Nick discuss using emotional requirements as the foundation for designing an experience, the narrative structure of a great dining experience, crying babies, service chihuahuas, music theory, vintage synthesizers and defining problems in a way that makes solving them consuming and inevitable.

15. Get in the Game: Chris Arkenberg, Research Manager at Deloitte’s Center for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, Skypes in to chat with Justin about the meteoric rise in eSports, the popularity of battle-royale-style gaming and its disruptive impact on the video game publishing industry. Justin and Chris weigh the impacts of generational and behavioral influences, as well as fundamental human nature on the types of games that command our attention. And, they give a special shoutout to Second Life…yes, it’s still out there.

You can listen Magnani’s Brilliant podcast series on Apple Podcasts.

About Magnani

Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm in Chicago, Illinois.. Crafting digital experiences and brands people love at the intersection of human-centered design and business strategy.

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