Brief Story Of The Rio 2016 Olympics Logo

The visual identity and the upbeat logo were created for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Wondering what’s the story inside?

The Brazilian design agency Tátil Design created the 2016 logo for the event.

According to Creative Bloq, Creative Manager, Daniel Souza, said,

We designed the logo to represent the encounter of the Olympic spirit with the Carioca soul (‘Carioca’ is a term used to refer to anything related to the city of Rio de Janeiro).

Born with three-dimensional DNA from the very first sketches, it stands for the warmth and welcoming spirit of our people, who are ready to celebrate the Olympic Games.

According to Daniel, the core symbol of the logo shows people joining hands, while the colour scheme reflects Rio’s environment: yellow for the sun, blue for the sea, and green for the forests. So the mystery of the pattern and coloring is finally solved with Souza’s statements.

Here’s a short mesmerizing video of Rio 2016 Olympics branding:

Font & Design Inspiration

After the development of the logo, Dalton Maag designed the font properties and typography.

According to Maag, the font had to be an exact replica of the letters in the logo. Therefore, the font and logo have the same curvy designs and features as seen in the creation process.


Tátil Design, Creative Director, Frederico Gelli, added that they were also inspired by the Ipanema Beach,

I had the idea of the 3D logo when I was swimming at Ipanema Beach. I was under the water, and when I came up, I saw Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers Hill, below). And I said, we are in the middle of sculpture city, we need to make a harmonizing logo.

All of the curves of the logo shapes come from the mountains in Rio de Janeiro – not only the main one Sugarloaf Mountain, but all of the mountains.


The new logo really has an amazing graphic design, color match and a characteristic soul.

For more details, please visit the Rio 2016 Olympics official website.

What do you think about the Rio 2016 logo? Tell us in the comments below.

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