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We May Have A Lot To Learn From Samsung Galaxy’s “Growing Up” Ad

Just before the launch date of the iPhone X, Samsung rolls out a new spot which is entirely about mocking Apple — and we didn’t see it coming. As we all know, this is not the first time Samsung mocked Apple (we stopped counting, to be honest) but this time, they’re making it more fun. …

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The 5 Best Ads Featuring This Year’s Emmy Awards

Presenting the best eye-catching ads from one of the biggest events of the year, brands like Apple, Audi, Netflix, Samsung and Google are displaying their creative talents on screen. One of the biggest events of the year has passed. So last Sunday, the companies lined up to share their commercials during the 69th Primetime Emmy …

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Jeff Bridges Stars In The New Lyft Spot Called “It Matters How To Get There’

Lyft has unveiled a campaign starring Jeff Bridges, called ‘It Matters How You Get There’, created by Wieden + Kennedy New York. Getting there is important, yet having fun along the line is even more so. Created by W + K New York, Lyft has aired a new 30 sec-spot which features an all-time favorite …

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To Celebrate ‘Stories’, Instagram Held A Festival In Cologne

Instagram held a festival in Cologne to celebrate Instagram Stories. The project is executed by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam under the tagline “Stories are Everywhere”. Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam launched “Stories Are Everywhere” campaign, for Instagram Stories. The multi-channel billboards launched in the U.S., Italy and Germany in April, and the ads were inspired by …

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Pokémon GO Celebrates Its Anniversary With Amazing Outdoor Ads

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokémon GO, Niantic and Wieden + Kennedy have created lively digital billboards called “City Celebrations”. Launched last July, Pokémon GO achieved 7.5 million downloads in the US in a week just after the release. The viral popularity helped Niantics gain a lot of recognition and the celebrations have now started. …

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Winners Of The 21st Annual Webby Awards Have Been Announced

The winners of the 21st Annual Webby Awards were announced this week!

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Revealing The First Global Stories Campaign By Instagram

For the very first time, Instagram collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam to create a global campaign for the Stories platform. While expressing yourself is the most important thing nowadays, Instagram Stories try to inspire and excite their users’  with the new campaign. Stories are Everywhere aims to celebrate life’s highlights and all the casual, everyday moments in …

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‘Time Is Precious’ Ads By Nike Reveals All Our Smartphone Addiction

Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Portland collaborated to launch the video series on social media and smartphone addiction that scrutinizes our daily habits. W + K attracts and catches us with this clever ad campaign, this time, they’re taking us to the dark side. Titled ‘Time is Precious’, ads are composed of video series that use no …

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Join The NYC Kids And Their Samsung Gadgets In This Ad By W+K Portland

The new spot for Samsung called “A Perfect Day” stars ‘new kids on the block’ playing with their fancy Samsung gadgets.   Wieden+Kennedy Portland reveals a new ad for Samsung called “A Perfect Day” which shows some sneak-peeks of new generation technology gadgets. While a group of youngsters are hanging out together, they experience some 360° …

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6 Great Ads For The Rio 2016 Olympics Openings

Olympics Opening Ceremony contributes to a bunch of successful ad campaigns. The best 6 are listed below. Advertising agencies think a lot bigger when it comes to sports ceremonies like the Super Bowl or the Olympics. Likely enough, Rio 2016 is the event expected to release such beautiful, yet powerful advertising campaigns for powerful brands …