What Do Mobile Devs Expect From UX/UI Designers When Creating an End-To-End Mobile Product ?

In this first post of this new series called “What do we expect from … ?” we want to expose all the most common misunderstandings between the UX/UI Team and the Mobile Dev Team. 1. Handoff The designs must be applied on some friendly tool where we, the developers, can quickly obtain the assets, colors, …

There Are No Traditional Managers In The Agile World

Let’s face it: Traditional managers are outdated and uncool. New ways of working have left them aside completely and they are not even mentioned in the agile manifesto, but there still are managers, right? Let’s take a closer look. Back in the days traditional managers had few tools to work with: A watch, a form …

Lateral View Turns 10 And Presents Major League: World-Class Software Development Service

Lateral View, a digital agency founded in 2008, celebrates its 10th anniversary by presenting a brand new company centered on uncharted territory. It offers the most skilled and trained software developers in Latin America for companies that want to build a team that plays in the major leagues. Innovation with History Lateral View emerged in …

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