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American Vogue Partners With Apple To Launch Their New Augmented Reality Features On iPhone X

It has been reported that Vogue US has partnered with Apple to create an AR-powered iPhone feature for iMessage called “The Vogue Effect”. “The Vogue Effect” iMessage extension uses the front camera and the Face ID feature to create a hyper-dimensional filter likely for Instagram and Snapchat. Also created using Apple‘s ARKit technology, iPhone X …

NEWS | Technology News

You Heard It Right – UberAir Is On Its Way

This year, there have been incredible news from tech industry at Web Summit Lisbon and here comes the coolest one: Flying Taxi Software by Uber and NASA. Jeff Holden, Uber’s chief product officer announced that they have signed a contract with NASA to bring “flying taxis” into real life. As it is said, the amazing …

WORK | Mobile Apps

Scotch Brand Showcases Art Through A HoloLens Gallery And An Immersive ARKit App

Scottish distillery, The Macallan unbottles its products’ elements via its augmented reality app. The brand has developed a mixed-reality app for HoloLens, which offers an animation into the whisky-making process, starting with the American and European types of oak trees used to make aging casks. While the AR experience is designed to animate around a …

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8 Predicted Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

The digital world is constantly changing with rapid advancements in technology each year. With newly-digitalised businesses and consumers beginning to interact with websites and apps more than physical staff, this shift change can’t be ignored. From voice search, to micro-moments and omnichannel, here are 8 predictions for digital marketing trends in 2018: 1. Advancements in …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How To Write A Great Digital Marketing Resume

If you want to land that digital marketing job, you need to learn how to market yourself. Writing a resume for a digital marketing position involves really putting the spotlight on yourself, which is difficult for many people to do. After all, you don’t want to seem boastful, but at the same time, you don’t …

WORK | Website Design

A Showcase Of 10 Creative Portfolio Websites For Design Inspiration

Here are the most bold and impressive portfolio blogs to give the creative community what they need. With their great user interface design and visual identity, each website is perfect and have their own spirit. We’re presenting the most attractive 10 website that are favorable and reflecting today’s world. Besides their incredibility, they also contain …

WORK | Guerilla Marketing

eBay Launches “The Art Of Shopping” And Explores The Subconscious Experience

eBay and Saatchi Art have together organized a new experience and reveal that the subconscious plays a major role while taking a purchase decision.  eBay and Saatchi Art collaborate to study the brain waves of different participants to see how their actions were related to the behaviors of a typical consumer. In partnership with MyndPlay, …

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Front End Developer

Mando is looking for Front End Developers to join their office in Liverpool and London!

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Director of Project Management

Dom & Tom is looking to hire a full-time Director of Project Management in NYC!

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Senior/Mid PHP Developer

Liquid is looking for a Senior/Mid PHP Developer to join their Melbourne office!

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