WORK | Ads & Commercials

SickKids Foundation Shows The Undeniable Fighting Spirit Of Children

In collaboration with Cossette Agency, Toronto’s SickKids Foundation made a powerful spot for the kids who are struggling with serious diseases. The spot tries to explain the whole idea of kids being ill and struggling with serious diseases like cancer, cycstic fibrosis, kidney failure etc. It is similar to fight in a war as, daredevils and …

NEWS | Industry News

#TheSkippableWishes That You Don’t Want To Skip

A cheeky twist on an end-of-the-year holiday message by Publicis Groupe CEO, Maurice Lévy! Despite enduring what he admits has been a “bumpy ride” in 2015, Maurice Lévy still seems to have his sense of humor intact in his traditional annual holiday message titled “Skippable Wishes” What starts in an ordinary fashion, with Lévy at …

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