Brand Design for Guard Shaving by Bellman Brand Agency

Guard Shaving, which is a shaving products brand, engaged with Bellman Brand Agency for brand naming and content guidelines.

Shaving the World, One Brand at a Time

Guard Shaving is a trusted Aussie brand that sells shaver protection and shaving products. You might’ve seen them in Shaver Shop over the years, especially their hero product Shaver Guard.

Naming? No Worries

Guard Shaving engaged Bellman Brand Agency for brand naming and content guidelines. They needed to create a new umbrella brand that would better encapsulate their growing product catalog. After an in-depth brand onboarding to fully understand who they are and what they stand for, Bellman Brand Agency delivered a new company name. True Blue.

Being True Blue means being honest and direct. Tough as nails. Always quick with a joke. At home in the sun, on the beach, up the mountains, and where the sky meets the horizon. Tough as nails and not afraid of hard yakka. That’s why you can trust the True Blue stamp to mean money-saving, anti-bacterial, made in Australia and a top performance every time.

Worth Doing Damn Well

Because True Blue (previously Guard Shaving) had so many sub-brands for their different categories in addition to their new umbrella brand, it was important to clarify their messaging.

True Blue has the ethos that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing damn well. This is why they started with foundations: content guidelines.

Bellman Brand Agency created a manual that highlights the key messages for each of their brands. These key messages combined their key USPs such as being Australian-made, high-quality ingredients, thoughtful design, and scientific formulations, with the True Blue tone of voice.

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